Welcome to Leipzig


When illustrator Rachel McParland visited Leipzig, she filled her sketchbook with her favourite aspects of the city: ‘the buildings, the history, the bikes, and even the pretzels!’ She used the illustrations in her response to a Student YCN Brief for Airbnb encouraging people to ‘belong anywhere’ — and chose a digital tabloid newspaper to showcase her work.


‘I wanted to show Leipzig off, show it as the vibrant colourful city that it truly is,’ she tells us.  ‘I created a series of watercolour illustrations of all the things I felt people should know about or pay attention to in Leipzig.’ The result is Welcome to Leipzig — a lovely travel journal pointing out the type of delightful landmarks that an M. Sasek book would celebrate (the zoo, the choir hall, Bach’s burial place).



Rachel is selling her wonderful view of Leipzig in The Newsagent and you can see more of her work on her website. Thank you for printing with us, Rachel  and happy travels!

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Monday toons



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Craghoppers – our 8,000,000th newspaper!


That right there is the 8,000,000th newspaper we’ve printed. Crikey!


We like to celebrate these milestones with a little present for the customer who orders the millionth mark paper. This time it was travel outfitters Craghoppers. They printed a classic tabloid newspaper made in conjunction with outdoor retailer Blacks to promote Craghoppers products in their stores. It looks great, and is available in all 75 Blacks stores throughout the UK for the next month.


Thanks to Craghoppers and everyone else who has printed with us and kept our presses so busy!

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Pass the Deficit

Pass the Deficit

The Pop-Up Poll Booth is a travelling polling station with a clever twist: voters cast a ballot for the politician they can’t stand the most.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.15.57 AM

Illustration student Holly MacDonald launched the Pop-Up Poll Booth during the UK general election in May, transforming an empty shop in Brighton Laines into an unusually lively poll booth plastered with her neon caricatures.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.54.34 AM

‘The aim of The Pop-Up Poll Booth is not only to vent anger against the government,’ she tells us, ‘but also to learn about basic politics and engage with the subject.’


Holly printed a digital tabloid newspaper, Pass the Deficit, as an election guide to go along with the project. It includes information about the UK voting system and party manifestos, alongside some brilliant illustrations from Holly.

 You can download Pass the Deficit for free online or pick up a copy at the Bright Graduate Show. Holly plans to stage a Patriotic Poll Booth based on the US voting system in July, follow along on Twitter for more details.

Thanks for printing with us, Holly!

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Dogfolio #1


Working as a BMX photographer taught Klaus Dyba how to capture a fleeting action shot. So when he started photographing his chihuahua Rocco, he used the same techniques (plus a few dog treats) to produce some brilliant portraits. He now runs True Dogs Photo and recently printed Dogfolio #1 with us, a collection of his most expressive dog portraits.


Klaus just finished a diploma in photography and handed out copies of Dogfolio #1 at his final presentation. He chose a digital broadsheet newspaper – ‘I wanted to show the portraits huuuuuuge!’ he says. (Broadsheets are good for that.)


‘The examiner and the students loved the idea,’ Klaus says, ‘and it just took seconds until all the newspapers were gone. I think it was a good idea to keep my work in their minds.’ He plans to print another issue to distribute to cafés in his hometown of Cologne, Germany.



You can look through Dogfolio #1 in The Newsagent and see more of Klaus’s work (dog-related and not) on his website. Thank you for printing with us!

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Iris & June


What’s better than a newspaper with a cup of coffee? How about a newspaper that teaches you how to make that cup of coffee? And shares hand-written recipes from the café owner’s grandmothers?


Iris & June (named after said grandmothers) is an artisan café in London and their newspaper does just that. To celebrate their first birthday, they printed a classic tabloid publication as a ‘thank you letter to the farmers and the roasters, the designers and the visionaries…the businesses who let us order below their minimum.’ It’s a lovely celebration of the culture at Iris&June, and their passion for what they do and who they do it with shines through. It’s also a flipping beautifully designed newspaper. Co-owner Jodie wrote to tell us about the publication:

Iris & June opened in April 2014. We pride ourselves on our excellent coffee, food, and customer service. We think we’ve created a neighbourhood cafe that will stand the test of time and be a place that local people can be proud of.


To celebrate our first birthday, we wanted to tell the wider community about Iris & June, what we stand for and how we are different. To celebrate independence and those who have supported us from day one.


To do this we partnered with the very talented team at Proud Creative to produce a bespoke publication. Our publication gives readers an insight into our world of coffee and food and showcases the passionate and creative people that cross our path everyday.


Issue 1 features some of our suppliers talking about what it’s like to be small independent businesses committed to quality in one of the most competitive cities in the world. We share a couple of café recipes handed down from Iris & June, show how to brew like a barista at home and feature some of our much loved regular customers that keep us striving for excellence every day.


We distributed copies at the London Coffee Festival, have been handing them out at Victoria and St James’ stations and to local offices and resident’s homes within the surrounding neighbourhood. You can also drop by Iris & June and pick up a copy with your morning coffee.

I was so impressed with the ease and efficiency of Newspaper Club. Couldn’t quite believe that I submitted the files and got a call the next day to say they had already been printed – great service!

Thanks for printing with us, and happy birthday!

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Paper of the Month: The Typefaces


Our Paper of the Month for May is The Typefaces from illustrator Scott Lambert. Inspired by ‘letterpress printing and childlike observations,’ The Typefaces is a simple and delightfully clever typography puzzle that reveals hidden faces in the common alphabet.

What’s lovely is that The Typefaces are quiet, subtle illusions. It takes a few seconds to see the characters, which emerge from familiar letters in Rubin’s vase fashion. For example, a pair of polar bears disguised in the letters P and Q:




Originally printed as a book, it grew into a more affordable (and commuter-friendly) newsprint edition that you can buy in The Newsagent for £9.

Scott gives us the whole story of this charming publication:

The Typefaces are faces in type. It’s that simple.  It’s a mix of two of the things I love to the most – designing and dadding.


They started in a book, but the concern for me with blurb.com was that the printing for a book was $26 but the shipping to Singapore was $45. Then a friend told me about Newspaper Club so I thought I would give it a try. I think newspapers have an appeal for designers, and especially design students.


Now The Typefaces are on t-shirts and posters. The whole project is print on demand – so there is no major outlay for me.


The best way I have found to describe them is ‘for the designer in every child and the child in every designer’. There are no signs of making any profit any time soon, it really is a labour of love.


Pick up a copy of the The Typefaces in The Newsagent or visit the official website for posters, shirts, and more. You can also follow The Typefaces on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you?)

Thanks for printing with us!

About Paper of the Month

Every month, we give a £100 Newspaper Club voucher to one paper shared in The Newsagent. If you’ve printed a paper with us, share your paper (through the settings in your account) for a chance to win.

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Turning a box of slides into a family newspaper


This post is from Michaela, our brilliant Customer Assistant who printed a lovely newspaper for her dad’s birthday this year. With Father’s Day coming up in June, we asked her to share her project. 

When my dad turned 55 this year, I was faced with the same problem I have every year: what do I buy for someone who has enough mugs, jumpers, and books to last a lifetime? (Almost all of which were bought by me!) I’ve been working at Newspaper Club since the beginning of 2013, and thought this year the perfect gift would be a tabloid newspaper of his own.


Luckily, finding the content was easy. A few years back, my granddad passed on box of photographic slides that he had taken during the 50s – 60s when he and my grandma were newlyweds. In the box were pictures of my dad and his brother on holiday in various UK caravanning resorts, as well as their early scouting adventures, and trips to the beach on their matching red bikes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.43.23 PM

I’d managed to scan them in and make copies on my hard drive, but to my engineering dad who isn’t so tech savvy, they were about as useful on my computer as they had been in the box under the stairs. He’s a fan of reading and nostalgia, so this seemed like the perfect solution!


I set out to make a photo newspaper using ARTHR, our free online layout tool. We see on a day-to-day basis just how helpful ARTHR is for our customers – whether they’re creating a newspaper for the very first time, or just want a no fuss, simple way of uploading and laying out content. Since I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted to create and how I wanted it to look, I went with the blank template option. I could upload and manage my content almost anywhere in the document without having to worry about exporting images within the margins, or setting up my file incorrectly (one of the many advantages of using ARTHR.)


The selection process with these images was a struggle, as there were so many beautiful memories to choose from, but after much deliberation I whittled them down to a 12-page digital tabloid. Waiting to see the finished results come through the post was almost as exciting as seeing my dad’s face, along with the rest of the family, when I handed over the newspaper (which now sits very prettily on the coffee table at my parents’ house for everyone to enjoy!)


If you’re thinking of making a personalised newspaper this Father’s Day, we have lots of helpful tips on our website and in our free samples, which are designed to help you get the best out of your newspapers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.33.22 AM

It can be quite difficult with old images in particular to get the colour balance right, so do make sure you read through our artwork guidelines to get the best printed results.


You can also contact us at support@newspaperclub.com for any additional information – and don’t forget to share your newspapers with us online or in The Newsagent to be in with a chance of winning our Paper of the Month competition!

Happy printing : )

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The Memoirs of Sweet Fanny Adams

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.47.16 PM

The Memoirs of Sweet Fanny Adams is a delight. The comic, from illustrator Fran Colomb, follows down-on-her-luck seamstress Fanny, who daydreams of triple-tiered cake stands and looks a bit like Tintin in ballet pumps. It’s a very British sort of story, quaintly bleak with so many tiny, witty details (like a poster wall with advertisements for a kitten circus and Wonderful Seances – Ectoplasm Guaranteed).

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.46.47 PM

It’s really lovely storytelling. We asked Fran to tell us more about the Fanny Adams project:

I printed Chapter One of The Memoirs Of Sweet Fanny Adams with the aim of working out the look and feel of a longer project. I wanted to get something printed and out there to see if people were interested enough for me to continue (and to have a bit of a party along the way.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 8.09.27 AM

After hunting around on the zine scene for an affordable printer, Newspaper Club was the easiest and most affordable way of doing it. As the artwork is digital, the first time I saw the whole piece on paper was when the proof came through the post. As the story involves the gutter press and celebrity, tomorrow’s chip paper  lends itself well to the project. (I had been looking at a lot of printed ephemera, especially the throw away kind, whilst researching the graphics.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.49.20 PM

I printed 50 digital tabloid copies which I personally editioned, handmade some Belly bands and calling cards, and had a launch party at a pub in London. As I like a bit of lo/no budget, I also made myself a website from scratch.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.35.19 PM

I was extremely pleased with the colour quality of the newspaper and found ARTHR very easy to use once I’d got my head around it and email enquiries were answered very promptly by Newspaper Club.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 2.54.27 PM

Chapter One of Sweet Fanny Adams is part of a much longer graphic novel project. I intend to continue publishing the chapters in part works or “feuilleton,” but haven’t entirely decided which direction I want to go yet. But I’m happy with the results so far and have had plenty of interest – I have recouped my print costs already. Watch this space!

Thanks for printing with us, Fran! Please keep us posted on the next issue.

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Creativity = Courage


We get lots of student portfolios this time of year, and final degree projects, and new graduate CVs. It seems like a lot of you are getting ready to leave university, and might find encouragement in timeless advice from Colors co-founder Oliviero Toscani.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.55.52 PM

Toscani, the photographer behind the controversial Benetton campaigns of the 80s and 90s, gave his ‘Creativity = Courage’ speech at the 92nd Art Director’s Club Festival in 2013. The Art Director’s Club put his words to newsprint with a set of illustrated posters, which were sent to 2,000 top creatives around the world to promote the 93rd awards in 2014. (The newspaper was also made available as a PDF online.)


The two-part newspaper was designed by illustrator Ben Weeks and Underline Studio, and was printed as a traditional broadsheet and a classic tabloid– four hand-lettered posters printed on broadsheets enfold a tabloid transcript of the speech. Inspired design fit to embody inspiring words.



Creative Directors: Fidel Peña, Claire Dawson
Designers: Emily Tu, Yosub Jack Choi
Design Studio: Underline Studio
Client: Art Directors Club
Illustrator: Ben Weeks
Writer: Oliviero Toscani

Photographs courtesy of Emily Tu

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