Posters and Portraits exhibition ends today


It’s the last day to catch the excellent Posters and Portraits exhibition at The Bridge Gallery in Los Angeles City Hall. We’re thrilled to have sponsored the exhibition, which celebrates the work of LA-based arts non-profit Inner-City Arts and the program’s impact on Los Angeles youth.

The exhibition is presented by The Posters and photographer Collette McGruder, who printed a digital broadsheet newspaper to accompany the work. In Their Own Words features 10 prints from The Posters and 10 portraits of students by Collette McGruder. This juxtaposition, says Collette, “highlights not only the importance of the arts in shaping LA’s urban fabric, but the need to make the arts accessible to all Angelenos.” In a fitting design twist, the newspaper folds out to transform into a series of posters. Clever! (As a side note, we’ve got a handy guide to making posters with your newspaper.)


About the newspapers, Collette says: “They were a rage. I could barely keep them around. Every person in attendance wanted them. Nearly everyone wanted to know how and where to make one! It was wonderful.”

If you happen to be in Los Angeles today, head over to The Bridge Gallery to catch this exhibition under the wire and pick up a lovely newspaper. For more details about the exhibition and the artists involved, visit

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So long, Contributoria


After two years and 21 issues, Contributoria officially shut down last month. An experiment in crowdfunded journalism, the project worked like a cooperative to support freelance writers. It was funded by Guardian Media Group and run by the same team we previously collaborated with to produce algorithmic newspaper The Long Good Read.

Contributoria lived online and as a beautifully-designed newspaper, created with a custom version of ARTHR. We printed every issue—from the first to the very last one in September, and are sad to say goodbye to a valuable platform for sustainable, collaborative journalism.


The good news is: the content was all dutifully archived and is now public. Co-founder Rev Dan Catt explains in an excellent, reflective essay how he built ‘shutdownability’ into the project. All 787 articles published through Contributoria are preserved in website, ebook, PDF, and newspaper form, so that “even if the server dies there’ll still be paper archived copies of the best articles around, take that GeoCites!” You can download PDFs or order a print copy of any back issue through The Newsagent.

So long, Contributoria. It’s been a pleasure printing with you.

All images courtesy of Michelle Marshall.

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Weather Station (Part I)

Weather Station Digital Tabloid Newspaper

Over the summer, OSR Projects in West Coker invited artists to explore the natural landscape from within a plastic zorb, and to mark the inside of the structure with notes and drawings along the journey. We’ll let OSR Projects explain further:

Weather Station is a mobile pavilion for the collection of images, objects and ideas. An artist-led response to flooding and extreme weather, exploring the changing relationship we have with landscape and the natural world.

weather spread 4

Cumulative rather than collaborative, the structure passes from one artist to the next, gathering traces of its journey through the streets, fields, and rivers of South West England.

weather spread 3

Fire and Ice Creative designed the Weather Station (Part I) digital tabloid newspaper to accompany an exhibition of the Weather Station structure, alongside documentation of the journey it has taken so far. The exhibition also featured environmentally-focused work from each of the artists involved.

The free newspaper includes artists Jethro Brice, Simon Lee Dicker, and Alexander Stevenson, with photography by Georgina Conroy and Simon Lee Dicker.

weather spread 2

Weather Station was most recently spotted in Weymouth–keep your eyes peeled for Part II. Thank you for printing with us!

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Paper of the Month: Peirene Press

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

Our Paper of the Month for October is the 2015 edition of Peirene Press newspaper. We’ve written about Peirene Press before, but in case you missed it: Peirene is a publisher that specialises in contemporary European fiction printed for the first time in English. They publish just three meticulously selected novellas a year–each a variation on a common theme, all award winners in their own countries. “Thought-provoking, well-designed, short” is their maxim.

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

This is the fourth edition of the classic tabloid newspaper that Peirene distributes to bookshops, libraries, and cultural venues around London. This issue has all sorts of thought-provoking content, including essays by translators and writers, contributions from readers, and an interview with Peirene’s book cover (and newspaper!) designer, Sacha Davison Lunt. There’s even a guide to essential European films, hand-picked by an expert panel of Peirene’s friends (like professor of screen arts, Maria Delgado).

Peirene Press Newspaper Book Catalogue

Copies of the newspaper will be distributed by friendly Peirene ambassadors outside London Underground stations every Monday morning until Christmas, and twice a month after that until October 2016–when a new and inevitably wonderful issue of the newspaper comes out.

Thank you for printing with us, and congratulations!

About Paper of the Month

Every month, we give a £100 Newspaper Club voucher to one paper shared in The Newsagent. If you’ve printed a paper with us, share your paper (through the settings in your account) for a chance to win.

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Little Print Shop of Horrors

Little Print Shop of Horrors newspaper

For the fifth year running, Creative Spark in Manchester is selling spooky, limited edition designs in their Little Print Shop of Horrors!

To raise money for local charity Forever Manchester, the brand agency’s office split into teams to create print images based on the theme “Award Winning Horror.” The prints are up for sale online, and the team that sells the most prints wins.

They created a digital broadsheet newspaper to showcase the prints and “celebrate the hard work and creativity that has gone into this event over the last 5 years!” It’s a great little paper, filled with clever takes on classic films.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite designs from this year’s prints:


Hocus Pocus by Jane Bowyer


Where’s Thorwald? by Robyn Makinson


Dial M by Andy Mallalieu

You can see all of this year’s prints in the Little Print Shop of Horrors online store. Little Print Shop of Horrors is in collaboration with Jelly London, Handsome Frank, Illustration, and Brazen PR.

Thanks for printing with us–and Happy Halloween! Have a spooky weekend all.

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SALE! from Nat. Brut


The biannual journal Nat. Brut has a bone to pick with art and literary magazines—so they said, when they launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to turn the offbeat digital magazine into an analog publication.

After two years online, Nat. Brut published their first print issue (on 100% recycled paper) earlier this year, the next stage in their master plan to become “the ONLY socially progressive, environmentally sustainable magazine that is obsessively committed to crafting a well-designed collection of interesting and engaging work from every corner of the creative universe and making it accessible to everyone!”

It’s a mouthful of a mission statement, but we’re on board.


Nat. Brut launched their first print issue, which happens to be Issue Five, in a bundle that also includes a traditional mini newspaper. SALE!  is a concept piece, “an absurdist free-for-all with biting social critique.”


More from co-editor Axel Severs: “Part satire, part alt-lit experiment, SALE! is a humorous foray into print culture’s capitalist underbelly. Composed and designed entirely by editor Kayla E., this delightful lil’ pamphlet contains 30 pages of side-splitting fake ads and bogus products concocted by writers and artists such as Chris Ware, Alexis Wilkinson, Michael Kupperman, and Blythe Roberson.”


SALE! is available in the Nat. Brut online store and can be purchased on its own or as a bundle with Issue Five of Nat. Brut. You can follow Nat. Brut on Tumblr and Twitter. Free open submissions to the journal open in November.

Thank you for printing with us!

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Christmas and New Year Holiday Opening Hours

Here’s a note of our holiday opening times. Please plan ahead if you need anything for late December/January, or contact us now if you have any special requirements.

Last print runs
Thursday 10 December 2015 (2pm) – last date for Christmas delivery overseas
Tuesday 15 December 2015 (2pm) – last date for Christmas delivery to UK (except digital minis, last print date on 10 December)
Tuesday 31 December 2015 (2pm) – last print date of 2015

Christmas opening times
Open and printing as usual (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) except:
Thursday 24 December 2015 – no print run
Friday 25 December 2015 – closed
Monday 28 December 2015 – closed

New Year opening times
Friday 1 January 2016 – closed
Monday 4 January 2016 – back to normal schedule

After that everything is back to normal – printing on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm.

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We’ve printed 9 million newspapers!


We’re happy to announce that the 9 millionth newspaper we’ve printed is a classic tabloid for London restaurant The Cavendish. And it’s a beauty!

The publication, now in its second edition, was designed by creative agency Spinach, who describe The Cavendish as “the most publishable bar and restaurant in Marylebone.” At a glance, the newspaper celebrates their seasonal menu and introduces readers to the restaurant’s dedicated suppliers and staff.

To reflect the “traditional heart” of The Cavendish, newsprint was the natural choice for their marketing material. Spinach explains:

Considering the wealth of stories surrounding The Cavendish – the royal warranted butchers, the Josper Oven, the specialist drinks list, the irreverent art on the walls, etc – it had to be a newspaper.


The paper we created and distributed across a targeted square mile, is not only the perfect hyper-local communications tool, but the backbone of The Cavendish’s quarterly marketing activity.


What readers see in print will be spun out across the brand’s digital marketing and social channels over the coming months, creating a compelling and cohesive narrative around great food, great drink, and a great local.

You can flip through the beautifully-made newspaper online. Thank you for printing with us and helping us to reach this milestone!

All images courtesy of Spinach Design. 

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Westminster Fashion 2015


Earlier this year, we printed an artful catalogue of student work for Westminster Fashion. The classic tabloid newspaper shows off highlights from the 2015 Runway Collection, as illustrated by the designers.

This is the third catalogue we’ve printed for Westminster Fashion, and we look forward to seeing what their brilliant students come up with each year. Course director Andrew Groves tells us why they choose newsprint:

Every May we present our graduate runway collections at the beginning of the Graduate fashion season. We’ve always published examples of the student’s portfolio work and fashion illustration alongside this, and for the last three years we’ve used Newspaper Club to produce a tabloid newspaper featuring examples of work from them all.


This is the perfect format for us as the illustrations are only finished 3 days before we have to send the artwork to print and we get the newspapers about a week later. This fast turnaround gives the work and the newspaper such immediacy which is vital for the fashion industry. The illustrations have to match the collections and they are still being finished when the newspaper is being printed! So it’s all very last minute, but in a way that is very easy for us to manage and have confidence in.


As well as presenting their final collections on the runway, we also focus on the importance of students presenting their 2D design work in both printed and digital formats. This means that when the press are watching the runway show they can also look at the students work in the newspaper at the same time.


We had 36 graduates this year so they each have a double page spread to show off their work.  All of them have spent a year in industry whilst on the course interning for a number of international fashion companies including Marc Jacobs, Celine, Lanvin, Balmain, Christian Dior, Proenza Schouler, J.W. Anderson, Iris van Herpen, Jeremy Scott, Loewe, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Tom Ford. When they come back this variety of aesthetics is reflected in their runway collections but also their portfolio work which is highlighted in the newspaper.


What’s really exciting is the scale of imagery and the use of colour that this medium gives us. The fashion industry has really been excited by the format and students have embraced it as an exciting way of showing off their skills in design and illustration.


Photos from the runway show are online now, and it’s fascinating to compare the wild illustrations to the (even wilder) realised designs. Thank you for printing with us!

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We’ve been printing for the good guys at Florecast since 2013, and they’ve just published a new limited edition publication.

Florecast documents skateboarding culture through the lenses of skateboard photographers from all over the world, who are dedicated to working with film and finding a hidden beauty within urban landscapes. 


The title Florecast is explained as “the act of looking out of your window at a patch of concrete or pavement outside to tell if it’s dry, if it’s a yes – skating is on!”

Issue 5 is a classic tabloid printed on standard 52gsm stock. It’s not available in The Newsagent just yet, but you can pick up issues 1-4 in the meantime. 


With special thanks to the contributors Florecast:

Cameron Strand, Andreas Satzinger, Liam Furneaux, Maarten Van Viegen, Danny Parker, Dominic Palarchio, Sergej Vutuc, Reece Leung, Graham Tait, Sam Roberts, Stu Robinson, Tyler Orton, Terry Worona, Joseph Hall Staley and Matthias Somberg, and it’s distributor: Keen Dist.

Learn more about our Classic Tabloid newspapers. Our most popular size—perfect for catalogues, zines, comics, newsletters…the possibilities are endless. Our classic tabloids are printed on real high-speed newspaper presses.

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