Print’s Not Dead – A Newspaper Club Exhibition!

We’ve been helping institutions, individuals, designers, schools, communities, families, artists, experts, amateurs, gardeners, restaurants, engineers, dreamers, thinkers, and grandparents to print their own papers since 2010.

Our customers are a talented bunch – we find the newspapers people want to make can be beautiful, charming, funny and informative. This exhibition represents a little bit of everything we’ve found it a joy to print over the last four years.

You can drop by at any time over the next month to the ground floor of our building in Glasgow for a browse through some of our favourite newspapers. You’ll also be able to pick up a copy of the Long Good Read every week – part of our collaboration with the Guardian, for the duration of the exhibition.


We’re now gearing up to cram as many lovely newspapers as we can into the exhibition space in our foyer downstairs – here’s a wee preview of my incredibly high tech hanging plan.


Come along on Friday evening for a flick through some of the best papers we’ve printed, a drink and a teacake!

Sponsorship kindly provided by Wasps, Fyne Ales, and Tunnock’s.

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Stripped – Comics and Graphic Novels at the Edinburgh Book Festival

If you’re lucky enough to be in Edinburgh this month, check out Stripped at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, celebrating comics, graphic novels and the people who create them. For the brochure, they chose to print a handy little mini, small enough to read on the bus, or stuff into your bag as you schlep between festival venues.


photo credit – metaphrog

Everything kicks off this weekend and Stripped runs till the 26th August, with the likes of Neil Gaiman, Posy Simmonds, Nick Sharratt and Joe Sacco taking part in lots of exciting events including talks, workshops and book signings. Metaphrog (Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers, creators of the Louis series of graphic novels) have written a great blog post detailing some of the highlights.


If you’d like to get your paws on a copy, like Fidgit, the Edinburgh Book Festival dog, You can request a copy of the brochure by emailing, or check out the Stripped website for details of all the events.

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Real Printing for the Bookshop Band

The Bookshop Band write songs about books and play them in bookshops.

Last month they got in touch about printing a newspaper with us to use as an insert in their CD box set. They wanted to keep the ‘real print’ feel of the letterpress printing they had used for the CDs, so they chose a traditional tabloid – printed on a real web offset newspaper printing press.


We asked Ben, Beth and Poppy from the band, to tell us more:

Here, at The Bookshop Band, we love proper printed things. When we were making our albums, we went to a letterpress studio in Oxford, got our die-cuts and blocks made up, and printed the albums on an old Heidelberg press. The whirl of the machine, the noise and the smell, all in a studio surrounded by artists’ prints, all who had chosen to print their work here, all made it an awesome experience.


We made four albums in this way, and so produced a box for them all to go in, our box set – year one. And we left a little space for something else. Being called The Bookshop Band, we wanted to make a little book to slot in the gap in the box, alongside the four albums, which would have the lyrics and artwork. We looked into costs, and the only thing we could find was to get a print on demand little booklet. It was all a bit too expensive, and wasn’t in keeping with the proper printing job of the rest the of the package. We felt a bit uninspired by it.

Then… Ed, who works at Mr Bs Emporium of Reading Delights, an independent bookshop in Bath, showed us a newspaper printed by Newspaper Club. A proper newspaper. Full colour, huge pages. Suddenly we were all excited again. We could put photos, lyrics, stories, artwork in here, and at a size where you could actually see it. We had a go folding the one they had in the bookshop to see if it would fit our box, and it did, perfectly. It was meant to be. It wasn’t a book, but it was a proper newspaper, properly printed, looked amazing, and totally fitted in with our letterpress-produced box set. A real object in a real object, if that makes sense.

So, Ben set to designing our own. All the songs we write in the band are inspired by books, so each song has a story behind it. The newspaper format gave us the space to put these stories in, and tell the stories behind the recording and conception of the band.


We got enough newspapers to go in all our box sets, alongside a whole batch which we could sell at our concerts (all in bookshops), as a concert programme. People absolutely loved it. It was a great way to get people to engage with the band, tell the tales, and present the reading lists that went with each album. The only problem was that we didn’t get enough made initially, and sold out quickly. It was probably a good thing to update it however, so in our re-print we put in more relevant posters for our current tours.

newspaper 2772

When we record our next box set, we’re definitely going to make Issue Two. And if we can, we’ll order a few more this time!

Thanks Bookshop Band, we’re looking forward to printing many more!

If you’re quick, you can pick up one of the last few copies of the Bookshop Band Chronicles in the band’s online shop. And if you want to catch them playing live in a bookshop near you this summer, there are still a few dates left on their UK tour. They’ll also be taking up residence at The People’s Parlour from 9-10 every night of next weekend’s WOMAD festival (Charlton Park 25th-28th July)

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UC.Quarterly 2


Look at this beauty! It’s the latest issue of UC Quarterly, a collection of projects gathered from across Under Consideration‘s network of blogs (Brand NewFPOArt of the Menu, and Quipsologies).

Under Consideration (AKA Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio of Austin, Texas) printed a run of minis with us and added their own covers, made from discarded test sheets reclaimed from a printer, so each one is unique.



If you didn’t manage to get your hands on issue 1, or you need the latest edition for your collection, they’ll be available here from Monday 15th July. Head over to buy, or sign up for a subscription to this gorgeous publication.


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Desktop Publishing

This is Peter Chadwick of Popular and Jonny Holmes’ Desktop Publishing project. The project is really very simple – it’s a desk, and also a four colour printing press.

David Ryle’s photographs of the print process have been made into a run of newspapers, which have of course been printed lovingly in CMYK here at Newspaper Club, on our four colour press. We think the two processes work together rather pleasingly.


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A Busy Week in the Newsagent

It’s been an action packed week here at newspaper club, with orders flying in and out with the speed of a very speedy thing.

There have been lots of lovely papers shared in the newsagent this week as a result of this.

The Post Office by Abbie Vickress on Newspaper Club

This is The Post Office by Abbie Vickress, a great read about the privatisation of the Post Office in Britain.

DAILY DEDAL #01 by Benoist BUTTIN on Newspaper Club

Benoist Buttin’s paper, Daily Dedal, mixes classic newspaper design with more forward thinking typography. Nice!

198 micro-publish workshop-2nd by paula roush/ msdm publica(c)tions on Newspaper Club

And here’s a photographic paper produced during a micro-publishing workshop for artists and educators, held in response to Dreaming through –on & into the exotic, an exhibition by paula roush and maria lusitano running until 18th May.

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Pickles – The Thinking Man’s Football Paper

This is one of favourite regular prints. Great illustrations, and really interesting articles – go and check it out in our newsagent.


Pickles is a new publication combining football culture, design, illustration and wit. There’s a ton of lovely artists and designers involved in this issue, including Peter O’Toole, Paine Proffitt, Mike Arnold and The Illustrated Game.


You can get hold of a physical copy for yourself from their website, here.

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A Million Random Digits

Some of us newspaper clubbers have decided to make papers for Father’s day this year. But before we start, I wanted to share the newspaper I made over Christmas with you all.


I’d heard about this book a while back (please scroll down and read the reviews – they are brilliant), and had been eyeing it up as a potential christmas present for my mathematician sister. Christmas is a wild and exciting affair in my household.


So when I found out that you could download the text here, and Tom said he needed someone to test out ARTHR II, it was as though the planets had aligned.


As it turns out 1,000,000 digits in any order was a bit too much for poor ARTHR to handle at first, regardless of their irregularity. But we got there in the end, and now ARTHR can take as many thousands of digits as you care to throw at it, and arrange them for you quickly, easily, and beautifully.

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Easter Weekend Links


It’s the easter weekend, and newspaper club is going on holiday for four days.
The weather forecast is not looking particularly conducive (read: cold) to any kind of nice day out, but fear not! There is fun to be had indoors. Here’s my list of paper based suggestions:

1. Make something using newspapers! Here are ten things to do with old newspapers – I particularly like the geodesic dome. Anything you can make at home that is big enough to climb inside is a winning idea.

2. Make a Newspaper! Ben’s got a good blog post about this here.

3. Make Paper! Making your own paper is really very fun. Here’s how.

4. Nice, good long weekend newspaper read!
This is a really good one. The thing to do is, go to your local shop, and select one, (or maybe two!) newspapers of your choice. Make sure your tea stocks are high. Return to a comfy chair of your choosing, and digest. Naturally you’re going to want to start with the shiny bits first, but there’s something really relaxing about spending a morning reading the real news, after a week of snatched internet headlines.

5. Brave the cold and Go out! If you’re getting newspaper induced cabin fever after exhausting my list of things to do indoors, there’s lot of stuff on over easter weekend all over the country. Here are some great suggestions from the BBC.

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Eggstra Eggstra Read All About It! (sorry)

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 10.38.11

Excuse us if we are a little slow this morning, we have some serious egg hunting to do. This is what we found on our Glasgow office door this morning!

In the breaks between eating chocolate, newspapers are being sent to print, samples being packed, and in our campfire chat, all sorts of terrible egg based puns are about to be inflicted on the unsuspecting London team.

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