The first annual Sheffield Design Week

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 11.05.11 AMPhoto courtesy of Ben Duong

We printed the programme for the first annual Sheffield Design Week, which is happening now until 29 June. The festival aims to showcase the best local and international talent across the design world — from architecture to product design to fashion. There will be exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and more. There’s even a special Made North beer brewed by Thornbridge Brewery to mark the occasion. You can find the festival schedule on the Sheffield Design Week website and follow the action on Twitter.

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The pleasures and possibilities of getting lost

Magazine design Hole & Corner magazine

There’s been some resonant coverage in the national papers recently about print publications. The Guardian posted a gallery of beautiful magazines setting out to prove print isn’t dead and considers the resurrection of the magazine in the digital age:

These magazines are…a result of the possibilities offered by the new technology that was supposed to kill print culture – they sell and distribute online, they crowdfund, they invent their own business models on the hoof.

We’re really proud to have been involved in some such crowd-funded and community-driven projects like The Peckham Peculiar My Favo(u)rite Magazine and Revealing Craft (to name just a recent few)all of which have used the intersection of physical and digital to create something quite special. Print succeeds today in novel and unexpected ways, evidenced by exciting (and now full-time!) enterprises like Stack Magazines, a brilliant subscription service that posts you a different independent magazine every month. Buying a magazine or newspaper isn’t just about getting the news anymore, it’s also a chance to experiment and discover something new a way of bringing people and ideas together and creating something to be turned over and read again, not thrown away at the end of the day.

Not driven by celebrity or publicists’ schedules, the curated storytelling, often around a single theme, is closer to the storytelling of novels – they’re narrative journeys of ideas, pictures and activities…they offer the pleasures and possibilities of getting lost.

We’ve seen all sorts of orders come through our system since we started Newspaper Club, and still so many surprise us. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens as we continue to develop the Newsagent to help you find, and get lost in, some really brilliant newspapers.

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Right Now in Glasgow!


It’s been a busy week of hammering and sawing and taping and printing and cutting and sticking, but we’ve finished and there are more things on the walls downstairs than I think I have ever seen. For one whole month you can now experience the joys of newsprint first hand at our retrospective exhibition, on the ground floor of Southblock, Osborne Street.

Map Here.


We’ve managed to squeeze 47 newspapers into the exhibition, and you can read about all of them in our handy programme here:

There are also permanent, physical copies of these, and some of the papers on display for you to have a flick through at the exhibition, as seen here on the opening night!


Preview night was lots of fun, and thanks to our generous sponsors we were able to feast on Tunnock’s Teacakes and Fyne Ales’ IPAs all night long. Here’s how things looked before we let the raging hoardes in.


And here are some of Glasgow’s finest folk talking about paper and admiring some of our customers’ beautiful designs.




You can also pick up a free copy of the Long Good Read whilst you’re here, and catch up on some of the week’s best long form reporting from the Guardian.

The exhibition is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm every weekday in February. We look forwards to seeing you there.


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We’re launching something exciting tomorrow

As you may have noticed Sales & Marketing have launched a ‘Marketing Campaign’ on the Social Media. Please feel free to “retweet” this blog post.

Other adverts in the series here and here.

The actual launch of the actual new thing will be tomorrow at 2.30pm. Because Matt Webb told us that was the best time to launch a new product.

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We’re featured in Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain

Today luxury fashion brand Mulberry launches a project called Brilliant Britain.

They say, it’s “a guide to a truly great nation. A bespoke website and printed booklet celebrate the unsung heroes, undiscovered talents, famous landmarks, strange customs and all makes the country we call home such a fantastic, inspiring and exciting place to be.”

Newspaper Club featured in Mulberry's Brilliant Britain project

So that’s us. Our humble little company, we’re one of the unsung heroes and undiscovered talents making Britain an inspiring place to be.

We’re in there with luminaries such as fish and chips, Tate Modern and the beautiful Plumen lights so we’re dead chuffed.

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We’re in a fancy exhibition. In America!

Graphic Design: Now In Production


Tonight in Minneapolis the world renowned Walker Art Center will open Graphic Design: Now in Production a joint exhibition with the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York. Curated by design luminaries Andrew Blauvart and Ellen Lupton with help of specialists like Jeremy Leslie and Armin Vit.

Jeremy describes the exhibition well, “The exhibition is a large-scale (and rare) overview of the last ten years of graphic design. As the title suggests, it focuses on the way graphic designers have broadened their practice beyond client work to include self-production and self-publishing. ”

We’re privileged to be featured in the exhibition with other brilliant things such as Chris Doyle’s identity guidelinesChristophe Szpajdel The Dark Lord of Logos (who coincidently designed the RIG logo) some Daniel Eatock goodness and Peter Buchanon-Smith’s Best Made Felling Axes among many others.

The exhibition is at the Walker Arts Centre until 22 January and then will be at the Cooper-Hewitt 2 June until 3 September.

I’m off to ask the CEO for a plane ticket.


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Black and white and read all over

Black + White Photography: September issue

There’s a very useful article in the September issue of Black and White Photography magazine on different ways of creating a newspaper using black and white photographs. Tim Daly explains how to prepare images in different ways for different results. It’s worth getting a copy if you’re interested in printing a photo paper.

Escalier C's newspaper

There are also some lovely examples of black and white photography in this digitally-printed newspaper from Escalier C, a Parisian graphic design and art direction workshop. More photos on their website.

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Lovely Stuff

Newspaper Club reviewed in Stuff Magazine

Newspaper Club gets a succunct and fair review in the latest Stuff Magazine. Their short feature sums up the whole operation of Newspaper Club much better than we do ourselves. “It’s a little clunky to use, but the fact it’s free and allows an untrained user to design a paper is seriously impressive.”

A little clunky but seriously impressive, in football terminology we’d have taken that before the kick off.

It also has some nice mentions for Preston Is My Paris and Structo, who were kind enough to scan this article in.

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Guardian SXSW Hack Day

Guardian SXSW Hack Day

We spoke at the Guardian’s SXSW Hack Day at the weekend. That’s typical of us, working the weekend like all hungry young start ups.

We didn’t do any hacking, we just showed some examples of the different things you can do with newsprint. Jemima has written a nice article about it here. I suspect Sales & Marketing’s killer phrase “the aesthetic is rather like Geocities – it doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s just very pleasing to have made [it]”. Will fly round the interent and deliver hundreds of sales.

Guardian SXSW Hack Day newspaper

Talking of sales, the Guardian were kind enough to use our award winning service to make a newspaper themselves which was handed out to all the hackers.


The picture above was taken by Aleks Krotoski of the chaps from Spotify, a music start up. They spoke just after us. They didn’t mention Geocities.

If you’d like to know which hacks won pop on over to the Guardian’s SXSW coverage. Thanks to all who came along to listen.

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Newspaper Club “stupidly exciting” says BBC

While the Newspaper Club team is Stateside, business continues as normal (more or less) back at the UK ranch.  We got a nice bit of publicity on BBC News the other day. Media tycoons wanted: Make your own newspaper gives a pithy overview of how Newspaper Club started and what it has achieved so far. Ben Hammersley, Editor at Large of Wired magazine describes us as “stupidly exciting” which is nice, and our Russell (Sales & Marketing) claims that print isn’t dead. If you’re wondering what we’re all about it’s a good place to start.

We’ve had a lot of enquiries because of it (hooray!) and are printing and quoting like mad. If you’ve asked for an invitation we’ll get one out to you as soon as we can – within 48 hours or so. If you’ve been waiting any longer than that please check your spam folder as chances are it’s in there.

Tuesdays are Print Deadline Days (2pm to be precise) so hurry, hurry if you want to make this week’s run. If you don’t, don’t worry – there’ll be another one along next week.

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