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Tom, planning regional offices for Newspaper Club

The sun is streaming through the windows, Mr Scruff is on the stereo, the England game is this afternoon, it seems like a good time to tell you all how we’re doing.

Good. We’re doing good.

More specifically, we’re doing the following things;

Tom is sitting next to me, he’s currently talking to a printer but he’s also writing code so we can offer international shipping. We’ve got a delivery company lined up, we’ve done a few test shipments, we’ve sorted out the pricing, we’ve just got to get the website working so y’all can order and pay. Which isn’t that easy. Each different order is a different weight which costs a different amount to ship to each country so making that intelligible on the website is a bit of a challenge. Seems to be coming together though. Tom reckons it’ll be finished this week. We’ll have an announcement on here when it’s up and running. Please note, it won’t be the whole world just yet. Just North America and Western and Central Europe for now. Details to follow.

Anne is up in Glasgow answering emails, taking orders and dealing with printers and customers. Getting her involved was one of the smartest things we could have done. Every time Ben or I are inclined to issue sarcastic advice to troubled customers she’s there just in time to stop us. Behind the scenes we’re also working on adding a bunch of community features to Newspaper Club – that’s where Anne will really come into her own.

Gareth’s doing all sorts of CEO stuff at the moment. (He’s not the CEO yet, but we’re hoping he will be soon.) He and I have been preparing investor documents so we can talk to people about raising more money for TOP SECRET PLANS. They must, of course, remain top secret but do not, as heavily rumoured, involve buying the Daily Mail. Gareth’s also been talking to printers up and down the world and we’re getting closer to our holy grail of being able to offer runs of just one paper, in colour. It’s not far now. Maybe a couple of months away.

Ben has mostly been doing designing – he made our lovely new front page. And we’re talking about getting some new templates done and we have a TOP SECRET PLAN to get a font made that’ll be specifically tailored to Newspaper Club purposes. That, of course, is TOP SECRET.

And I’ve been doing all sorts of TOP SECRET THINGS involving getting people to do new and interesting things with newsprint. And if you were to imagine that I was using TOP SECRET THINGS as a cloak for NOT DOING ANYTHING you’d be very wrong.

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Investor Breakfast

Investor Breakfast

This morning we held an Investor Breakfast, which is like an Investor Demo but earlier.

We updated them on all the latest progress and showed them some trial things we’ve made – both electronic and physical. Stuff so new it isn’t even on Flickr yet. We’re on track with everything and everyone seems happy.

There have been some significant developments since we last spoke to them and to you. The major one being that we’ve found someone who can print very small quantities of newspapers. This is fantastic because it enables us to offer more services to more people. (Look, I’m still speaking Investor.)

However, it’s Friday now and it’s been a long week, so we’ll talk more about that another time.

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Investor Demo

Yesterday, we indulged in a bit of Investor Theatre.

Day 16 - Investor Demo

We got out the best china, wore our best jumpers, tidied up a bit and looked like we were concentrating really hard all the time. Then we hit them with our Investor Demo. Including some of the nontrivial stuff.

We think it went well. They liked what we showed them and we’re a little bit ahead of schedule. Even though the “investment” hasn’t appeared in our bank account yet.

If yesterday we were in the Dragons Den, today we’re off to the Lions Den. We’re meeting with some actual newspaper printers. More news as we get it.

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