Paper of the Month: National Collective Zine


February’s Paper of the Month is the National Collective Zine, a new publication from an arts movement ‘founded with the aims of arguing the positive case for Scottish independence.’ 


It’s a limited edition improved tabloid (only 200 available) with contributions from a great collection of Scottish artists and creatives, including specially commissioned artwork from Alasdair Gray and an exclusive interview with Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite. There’s photography, fiction, collage, political and cultural commentary, poetry — all contained within 36 well-designed pages.



Copies are available from the National Collective shop for £3.50, while supplies last. Thank you for printing with us!

About Paper of the Month

Every month, we give a £100 Newspaper Club voucher to one paper shared in our Newsagent. If you’ve printed a paper with us, share your paper (through the settings in your account) for a chance to win.

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Seven on the Spot


Seven on the Spot was one of the first papers to go on sale in the Newsagent, and we couldn’t be happier to open shop with such a lovely paper on offer. It’s a collection of writing from seven author friends, all required to use the same set of seven words in their stories. Co-editor Anne Shewring says: ‘Even though we started work on the same day, with the same words in mind, all our stories are very different.’ We asked her to tell us more about the project:

Seven On, now in its second edition, is a collection of short stories, written by a group of writers and friends. Our first collection was born over a drink. Sandra Deeble and Anne Shewring were grumbling about how hard it is to get any short stories published.  Then it occurred to us – we could do it ourselves. Anne had already published a couple of newspapers with Newspaper Club, and the format seemed ideal for getting something done easily.


I’m not sure where the idea for seven came from; maybe it was how many people we knew who were prepared to write a story and not get paid for it. Our first theme was austerity, the word of the moment in 2011, and we asked illustrator Mike Howard to design and illustrate the newspaper, which he did splendidly.


Seven on Austerity looked great and it was lovely to see our work in print, so lovely, in fact, that we decided to produce another edition. We invited writers to send us stories on the theme of laughter, but then didn’t really enjoy anything that came our way. Abandoning that idea, we went back to the original seven, with one change, and went away for the weekend, to Anne’s tiny cottage in Derbyshire, one of our writers coming all the way from Gettysburg to join us.


We took a walk around the village of Holbrook and, inspired by what we saw, each of us returned with a word. The seven writers then produced a story containing all of these seven words. The result is Seven on the Spot. Mike Howard has again illustrated, with help from a few friends, and has produced a really lovely looking newspaper.


We’re happy if anyone reads our Seven On papers, and there are some great stories in there, but really, the fun is in the writing and publishing. We’d love to be able to afford to produce thousands and give them away to commuters to jolly up their journeys, but at the moment that’s not possible.  Maybe one day. In the meantime, watch out for Seven On number three.

Seven on the Spot and Seven on Austerity are available to buy in the Seven On shop in the Newsagent for £4.25 each, delivered.

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Paper of the Month: Neutrality vs. Sensationalism

spread5 final

spread2 final

November’s Paper of the Month is Neutrality vs. Sensationalism by Brighton-based illustrator and designer Jamie Eke. Jamie made the most of his digital tabloid and published two newspapers in one, for a clever typography project examining standards of journalism. One side up the newspaper presents an illustrated alphabet depicting stories from The Independent; flip it round for The Sun. Two different worlds across one spread.

spread final

Neutrality vs. Sensationalism was recently exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in London. Jamie had this to say about the project:

[It] explores the contrast in nature of news coverage by the British quality press (broadsheets) and the British popular press (tabloids). The typefaces both represent the month of April, 2012 – each character embodies a front page story; A = 1st, B = 2nd etc. – however one corresponds to The Independent and the other to The Sun. The illustrations serve to demonstrate the contrast in priorities, including the much higher degree of personalisation evident in tabloids – containing many reports of individuals’ (usually celebrities) circumstances and ordeals – as opposed to accounts of extended processes found in broadsheets.

Jamie is also selling large format (60x80cm) limited edition prints of each of the typefaces, which come along with a copy of the newspaper. Get in touch with him at if you’d like to buy one.

53011_10152143782285004_1874126794_oFor a closer look at the newspaper, and to see more of Jamie’s work, visit his website. Congratulations Jamie and thanks again for printing with us!

About Paper of the Month 

Every month, we give a £100 Newspaper Club voucher to one paper shared in our Newsagent. If you’ve printed a paper with us, share your paper (through the settings in your account) for a chance to win.

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Michael Morrell – reportage newspaper on Newspaper Club

Michael Morrell, an illustration student based in Manchester, recently used our digital format to document the destruction of the former BBC headquarters in the area.

2013-01-25 20.29.39

He produced three newspapers for each of the three weeks he spent drawing the ongoing demolition. The onsite illustrations are full of life – it’s a really immersive insight into a few weeks spent on a building site.

His images are bright and bold, and have strong, simple compositions – perfect for newsprint. We think they look great!

If you would like a copy for yourself, you can buy one here.

2013-01-25 20.25.09


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