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Last night we sent a newspaper to print for We Are Words + Pictures.

Produced in time for the Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds, the newspaper is a sampler of the kind of work that We Are Words + Pictures stock at their occasional market stall.

It’s filled with illustrations, short stories, poetry, photography… anything really. The brief was that contributors had to submit something a little different to their regular output, all drawn together into a 12 page, full colour mini-anthology.

Contributions by Tom Humberstone, Dan Hancox and Matt Jones.

500 copies were printed in all, 300 of which will be available this weekend for just £1. Any remaining issues they’ll be offering for sale at their website

Back cover by Adam Cadwell.

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Owning distribution

Important Chart

Lots of people email us here at Newspaper Club Towers and they always remark what fun we must be having. Let’s shatter that myth now. For example this week we have been staring at spreadsheets and meeting people to thrash out a pricing, delivery and fulfillment strategy.

This is the stuff successful businesses are made of. Trust us, we’ve been told this lots of times this week.

You may think supply chain management is boring (we do) but it’s essential. It’s non trivial, in fact. It involves calculations and spreadsheets, it involves actual numbers and actual weights and actual prices rather than just guesswork and theory.

Fulfillment, logistics and supply chain management meeting

But we’ve made some serious progress this week. The pricing for our launch products has been agreed and we should be able to announce that in 10 days time. We’ve created a logistics system we’re comfortable with and we have a distribution solution that will work smoothly. That means we can sell you a product and deliver it to your door effortlessly and cost effectively. That’s the stuff CRM legends are made of.

We’ve also spoken to some corporate clients and we’ve met with some new and exciting newspaper printers.

But this quote was probably the most thought provoking bit of the week, “There are lots of things that have never been done with print before, just because nobody has ever bothered too ask.”

Slowly it’s all coming together.

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