Paper of the Month: The Weekly Push


March’s Paper of the Month was The Weekly Push, a compilation of the weekly articles posted in Facebook engineering offices around the world. The name The Weekly Push reflects the internal weekly process by which the Facebook team updates their production site. The ‘weekly push’ happens each week, as does the article. Articles discuss how to solve specific challenges on Facebook’s codebase — think of it as an advice column for software engineers. With contributions from Facebook employees and help from the Facebook Analog Research Laboratory, Volume 1 of the 28-page digital tabloid is over a year’s worth of issues tackled by the Facebook team, like navigating text encoding and testing JavaScript. It’s valuable advice condensed for the company’s staff, and an interesting look at the day to day challenges faced by a technology office. The content is put together by Editor-in-Chief Roy McElmurry who writes about the newspaper:

The Weekly Push started out humbly in the Seattle office where its content and simple format was well received. Shortly after, a visitor from Menlo Park spotted an article in Seattle and inquired about getting these articles posted in California. Since then we have added several offices are are currently publishing in Seattle, Menlo Park, New York, Boston, Vancouver, London, and Tel Aviv.

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.30.24 AM

The topics for the articles were initially chosen largely for their impact in the author’s daily work experience, but topic choice shortly branched out to include employee requests and submissions.

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.30.40 AM

Today articles are often suggested and written by teams that wish to spread the word about some best practice or little known product or feature.

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.31.14 AM

The layout was created by graphic designer Tim Belonax:

The design is meant to spark visual interest in The Weekly Push. Each subject is illustrated using its title, providing a creative constraint as well as a consistent voice. Since the Pushes are always up around our offices (not only in Menlo Park) a re-imagining of its presentation was necessary to draw people into something that is familiar.

About Paper of the Month

Every month, we give a £100 Newspaper Club voucher to one paper shared in The Newsagent. If you’ve printed a paper with us, share your paper (through the settings in your account) for a chance to win.

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Firewords Quarterly


The other week we received a unexpected brown envelope at our Glasgow office — mystery post! Inside was a copy of Firewords Quarterly and a nice note from editor Dan Burgess telling us about his newspaper. We thought we’d share it here:

Dear Newspaper Club,

Firstly, apologies for invading your mailbox unannounced but I wanted to share my project with you and say thanks for providing such a great service.


My name is Dan Burgess and I’m a graphic designer and writer in Newcastle. For a long time, I’ve dreamed of launching my own writing magazine, having been frustrated by current literary journals on the market. I wanted to create a publication that contained powerful writing enhanced by exciting design and visuals. Enclosed you will find a copy of Firewords Quarterly– the fruits of my labour!


This is Issue Zero, created as a teaser to demonstrate how the real publication will look and feel. So far, the project has been independently funded and I’m currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch Firewords with the release of Issue One.


The service from Newspaper Club has always been excellent and I think you provide an amazing resource, especially for independent publishers like myself. I’m definitely looking to use your service again for future issues. Thank you so much for your time and, above all else, I hope you enjoy your read!


We’re happy to report that Firewords Quarterly has reached it’s funding target and Issue One will be going to print soon. But there’s still time to support the campaign and more funding means more pages in the upcoming issue. You can find more information about the publication on the Firewords Quarterly website. Thank you for sending us your newspaper Dan! We look forward to printing future issues.

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Two newspapers from Both Associates

13-1024x540 2-1024x540

Second anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with paper (in the UK anyway) so it is fitting that design studio Both Associates decided to mark their two-year milestone with a newspaper. They created a thoughtfully-designed digital tabloid of highlights from their first two years of work, from illustrating company Christmas cards to developing a brand identity for their own local coffee shop.  It is a great-looking portfolio to show to clients and a memento to keep for themselves.




The South London YMCA Annual Report is one of the big projects included in the anniversary newspaper. Both Associates printed the financial report as a newspaper, in which the story of the SLYMCA is told through full-page black and white portraits and interviews with the people who benefit from the range of services the SLYMCA provide:

For this years Annual Report for South London YMCA we felt the newspaper format lent itself to the grassroots approach to telling the story of the SLYMCA. It’s a straightforward medium, stripped of pretense, yet the larger format also allowed us to transform the portraits into something which conveys the quiet heroism of those who are striving to improve their lives, even when the odds seem overwhelmingly stacked against them.



Both lovely papers. You can see more photographs of the newspapers, and some of Both Associates’ other work, on their Behance and website. Happy birthday Both Associates and thank you for printing with us!

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Taste by ico Design



This is the smashing cover of Taste, a lovely food periodical from London-based studio ico Design. It’s the second traditional tabloid they’ve printed with us (you can see images of the first issue on their website) and it focuses on the future of food, covering topics like the rise of London craft-brewing and the pitfalls of crowd-funding a food truck. The photographs and interviews are put together beautifully, and it’s a delight to follow the breadcrumbs of the studio’s work and end up reading about a food historian studying the juxtaposition of art and appetite. ico Design explains why they chose to make a newspaper:

Over the past couple of years, ico have increasingly worked with clients in the food sector. It’s an area we’re passionate about, and we wanted to produce a publication that reflected our interest in the industry as well as asking the opinions of various professionals we’ve worked with – from designers to educators, chefs to suppliers.


The result, Taste, is a publication that is focused on the future of food. 

We were aware that food is a subject that everyone has an opinion on, and produced Taste as a newspaper, a medium that allows us to print and distribute in bulk when required.


This second issue of Taste wasn’t conceived with a theme, but one began to appear as the content took shape: growth. It’s a subject that is touched on throughout the issue – from both a business and conceptual point of view.


We look at the capital’s micro-brewery pioneers and ask what happens to their businesses when expansion beckons, interview start-ups who’ve used crowdfunding to get their projects off the kitchen table and have a conversation about why the British appear to have become so good at museum catering.


If you want to consume some food culture, copies of the newspaper are available at selected restaurants and from contributors and the articles can also be read online. Look out for the next issue of Taste by following ico Design on Twitter. Thanks for printing with us!

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BCNMCR: Design from Barcelona in Manchester

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 12.50.20 PM

We printed an event newspaper for BCNMCR, an exhibition of graphic design from Barcelona currently taking place in Manchester. A selection of internationally-renowned, independent studios and designers hailing from the vibrant Spanish city will showcase their work in the free exhibition taking place at at TwentyTwentyTwo between 27 March and 23 April 2014. The newspaper includes interviews with the studios and creatives involved in BCNMCR and is limited to just 1000 copies. Ticket buyers get one on the day.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 11.37.01 AM

You can keep up with what’s happening at BCNMCR on Twitter and Instagram. The exhibition and newspaper were both put together by Manchester-based graphic designer Dave Sedgwick.

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A feast for the eyes in the Newsagent

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.52.00 PM

We’ve recently added new tags and categories to the Newsagent to make it easier to find the papers you want to see. For example, if you’re after foodie publications you can browse the food tag where you’ll find this delightfully illustrated alphabet,  A – Z of Fabulous Fruit and Vivacious Veg. It’s a digital tabloid, created by Liverpool-based graphic designer and health buff Jessica Heaton. She created her newspaper for a university project, and we asked her to tell us a bit more about it:

My newspaper is a colourful and fun encyclopedia of my favourite fruits and vegetables. I’m really interested in health and fitness and recently made it my mission to try lots of different types of fruit and veg instead of sticking to the ones I know. I then choose my favourite for each letter and decided to make a newspaper based on my research.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.53.08 PM Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.56.34 PM

I figured as well as taste and smell, these little beauties each have their own personality and if you take a minute to admire these intriguingly magical things before you put them in your gob, you will see that. Bananas make great birds because of their beaks and peaches are so prone to injury they can barely leave the house. The design, illustrations and copy is all my own.

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.53.18 PM Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.57.22 PM

My newspaper is a tabloid newspaper and is 32 pages long. The overall quality and service was fantastic and I would definitely use Newspaper Club again. It’s a very simple and modern way of printing – almost too simple!

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 3.57.35 PM

You can follow Jess on Twitter. Thanks for printing such a lovely paper with us!

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The Maltese Bulletin

TheMalteseBulletin 2

Anthony Smyrski is the founder of design studio Smyrski Creative and creative director for Next City and City Limits magazines. The bright cover of his newspaper, The Maltese Bulletin, caught our eye in the The Newsagent.

It’s an improved tabloid documenting highlights from his more than 19,000 mile journey through 18 countries to find out ‘how cities and travel affect the practices of artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people.’ It’s a journal and travel guide and creative catalogue all in one, filled with photos and stories and lists such as ‘Our favourite ways to get around’ (which includes the Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo and a Vespa scooter in Philadelphia). It’s a natural and engaging way to show off work alongside experiences that inspired it. And it’s a just plain good looking newspaper. Here’s what Anthony had to say about it:

I’d been doing a lot of traveling over the past year working on a book project about creativity, cities and travel. I was able to visit so many amazing places and meet with a number of great writers, designers, artists performers and thinkers. I had all of this material for the book ready, but I also knew it would be a while before I was able to actually write and produce the book, so I filed the photos and thoughts away for the time being.

TheMalteseBulletin 4

TheMalteseBulletin 7

Over the holidays I found myself in Malta on a short vacation with a friend. While there I had the idea to make some sort of promotional piece for my design studio. I thought, why not use all of the stuff from my recent travel and combine it with some recent projects. I woke up early one morning and went to a cafe in Valetta and made the Malta Bulletin. I had so many ideas it came together so easily!

TheMalteseBulletin 5

TheMalteseBulletin 1

I had known about Newspaper Club for some time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put their services to use. I’m super happy with the quality, turnaround time and price. I love sharing my recent work and travel stories with people in the form of a newspaper!

You can find Anthony on Twitter and see more of his work on his website. Thank you for printing with us!

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Simulating flight with cardboard and newsprint

Newspaper Club Spitfire 5 - Justin Ramsden

Justin Ramsden has a brilliant job — he gets to build LEGO for a living. He’s a professional model designer, but when he’s not creating famous faces out of tens of thousands of bricks, he’s making newspapers. He recently printed a digital tabloid with us documenting his project to design a simulated Spitfire flight experience. Too cool. We wanted to know more and asked Justin to tell us about it:

On visiting the Grandma Flew Spitfires exhibition at the Air Transport Auxiliary Museum in Maidenhead as part of my third year project research whilst on the BA Design course at Goldsmiths, University of London, I was interested in engaging with the ‘most sophisticated Spit simulator available to the general public,’ and being filled with numerous emotions (along with fulfilling a childhood fantasy of flying a Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane); ultimately, I wanted to experience the thrill to fly such an iconic aircraft. However, what was placed in front of me was a lackluster version of a computer game in which one gentleman commented whilst I was observing that, ‘I only wish it gave you the sensations.’

Newspaper Club Spitfire 2 - Justin Ramsden

Entitled the Cardboard Spitfire Simulated Flight Experience, I designed a ‘crash simulator’ that was tested on various participants and performed in front of an audience. This ninety second experience was a multi-sensory display that combined multiple digital projections, pyrotechnics, a variety of emotions that the participant had been ‘designed’ to feel and a cardboard and Gaffa tape one-one scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk Ia fighter plane cockpit in which the user was seated.

Newspaper Club Spitfire 4 - Justin Ramsden

Additionally a newspaper was created to compliment a video of the experience. Having printed with Newspaper Club on previous occasions, I knew that not only would I receive a fantastic service with a fast turn around on printing and delivery, but the aesthetic of a newspaper matched my cardboard lo-fi fabrication. I am extremely pleased with how the newspaper turned out and have received numerous positive compliments from those that have seen it  — cheers Newspaper Club!
Newspaper Club Spitfire 3 - Justin Ramsden
You can see more of Justin’s work on his website and follow him on Twitter. Thanks for sending such an unusual project our way, Justin!

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Bright pages for Connected Cities


Smart cities need smart newspapers. Connected Cities is an eye-catching digital tabloid that showcases both, created by graphic designer Katy Scott. She says:

This tabloid newspaper, printed on 80gsm, was produced on behalf of leading transport consultancy Steer Davies Gleave, to accompany the Route To Smarter Cities conference on 20th February 2014. The content of  Connected Cities explores the many issues raised by the desire to make cities both more attractive and more efficient.


The large format of the tabloid provided the perfect canvas to promote our approach to what we believe a smart city to be, allowing for large vibrant images (the tips on colour and the colour matrix from the sample book we received were very helpful) and some white space (!)  to make it enticing for the reader. Newspaper Club did a great job with the printing — very quick and it  just what we were after.


Katy keeps a bright and lovely blog and you can also find her on Twitter. Thanks for printing with us! 

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Seven on the Spot


Seven on the Spot was one of the first papers to go on sale in the Newsagent, and we couldn’t be happier to open shop with such a lovely paper on offer. It’s a collection of writing from seven author friends, all required to use the same set of seven words in their stories. Co-editor Anne Shewring says: ‘Even though we started work on the same day, with the same words in mind, all our stories are very different.’ We asked her to tell us more about the project:

Seven On, now in its second edition, is a collection of short stories, written by a group of writers and friends. Our first collection was born over a drink. Sandra Deeble and Anne Shewring were grumbling about how hard it is to get any short stories published.  Then it occurred to us – we could do it ourselves. Anne had already published a couple of newspapers with Newspaper Club, and the format seemed ideal for getting something done easily.


I’m not sure where the idea for seven came from; maybe it was how many people we knew who were prepared to write a story and not get paid for it. Our first theme was austerity, the word of the moment in 2011, and we asked illustrator Mike Howard to design and illustrate the newspaper, which he did splendidly.


Seven on Austerity looked great and it was lovely to see our work in print, so lovely, in fact, that we decided to produce another edition. We invited writers to send us stories on the theme of laughter, but then didn’t really enjoy anything that came our way. Abandoning that idea, we went back to the original seven, with one change, and went away for the weekend, to Anne’s tiny cottage in Derbyshire, one of our writers coming all the way from Gettysburg to join us.


We took a walk around the village of Holbrook and, inspired by what we saw, each of us returned with a word. The seven writers then produced a story containing all of these seven words. The result is Seven on the Spot. Mike Howard has again illustrated, with help from a few friends, and has produced a really lovely looking newspaper.


We’re happy if anyone reads our Seven On papers, and there are some great stories in there, but really, the fun is in the writing and publishing. We’d love to be able to afford to produce thousands and give them away to commuters to jolly up their journeys, but at the moment that’s not possible.  Maybe one day. In the meantime, watch out for Seven On number three.

Seven on the Spot and Seven on Austerity are available to buy in the Seven On shop in the Newsagent for £4.25 each, delivered.

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