Lucky number 7…million!


What we’re holding here is a very special publication. It’s the order that included our 7 millionth newspaper printed to date! Unbelievable really. It’s made us reflect about how grateful we are for all the newspapers that have passed through our presses and brought us to this impressive milestone. Big, big thanks to all who have printed with us over the years.

Special thanks and a box of treats to Wash Design who created this classic tabloid for Lakes College. The paper will be distributed to thousands of homes around West Cumbria as part of a campaign to promote apprenticeships at Lakes College.

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Instagram rebooted

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 4.40.43 PM

We’ve revived our long lost Instagram account! And were happy to discover a whole hashtagged world of papers we’ve printed already in operation. Nice! If you’ve shared your paper, do let us know with an @newspaperclub shout.  We’ll also be sharing some snapshots from our cosy office so if photos of cups of tea are your cup of tea, please follow along.

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All Change at Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club is about to enter its fifth year of trading and looking back, it’s amazing how far we’ve come. We’re not really a start-up any more, but a stable, thriving business with staff in Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Texas, and customers all over the world.

Having got to this happy stage, our founders Russell Davies, Ben Terrett and Tom Taylor have decided to sell their shares in the business to Sharman & Company Ltd. Their vision and expertise turned the whimsical idea of printing newspapers in a digital age into a proper going concern. Somehow they surfed a tide that appeared to be going in the opposite direction and five years on, print is still very much alive. Their departure makes way for more focused, long term owners to take it to the next level.

Sharman’s are a Peterborough based family business who have been printing newspapers since the 1800s. We have worked closely with them since day one, and their experience and professionalism has helped to make Newspaper Club the company it is today.

Mark and James Sharman are now on our Board of Directors, with Mark becoming our Chair. Tom is staying on as a non-executive director, while he takes up a new, exciting position with Moo (back in our old building) and David Moore joins us to spearhead our tech plans for the future. Gareth Williams stays on as non-executive director and all other roles stay the same.

Although this is a big development, it’s relatively smooth for the business, with no major changes to our day to day running or products. We have a lot planned for this year and are looking forward to getting on with it all. Onwards and upwards!

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An End to the PaperLater Experiment

PaperLater by the pool

We launched PaperLater in June, as a big experiment for us. We wanted to see if there was appetite for a personalised newspaper service, both from consumers and from publishers.

It’s been running for just over 6 months now, and while we had a strong launch, we haven’t seen the kind of repeat usage we’d been hoping for.

As a small, predominantly bootstrapped business we have to make difficult choices about what we invest in, and right now, all our attention is on improving our site and ARTHR in 2015.

We’ve decided that the best thing to do is to call an end to this experiment and shut PaperLater. This week will be our last week of operation, and the last orders will go to print at 2pm on Monday 22nd December. The site will remain fully functional until then, but we won’t be inviting any more beta testers.

(If you’ve already got an account, and you want to give it one last go, there’s still time to get an issue for the Christmas holidays!)

After next Monday we’ll delete your PaperLater bookmarks and newspapers, but keep your account, as it works on the main Newspaper Club site too. If you want a copy of any of your data, please let us know and we can get that for you.

We’ve learnt a lot from PaperLater, and the concept of a fully automated, personalised newspaper is still fascinating to us, but this wasn’t quite the right product at the right time.

We hope to revisit some of the ideas in it in the future, but for now, thanks a lot to everyone who gave it a go.

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Christmas and New Year print times

Merry Christmas from all at Newspaper Club

Here’s a note of our festive opening times. Please plan ahead if you need anything for late December/January, or contact us now if you have any special requirements.

Last print runs

  • Thursday 11 December 2014 – last date for Christmas delivery overseas
  • Tuesday 16 December 2014 – last date for Christmas delivery to UK (except digital minis, last print date on 11 December)
  • Tuesday 30 December 2014 – last print date of 2014

Christmas opening times

Open and printing as usual (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) except:

  • Wednesday 24 December 2014 – closing at 12pm
  • Thursday 25 December 2014 – closed
  • Friday 26 December 2014 – closed

New Year opening times

  • Wednesday 31 December 2014 – closed
  • Thursday 1 January 2015 – closed
  • Friday 2 January 2015 – open

After that everything is back to normal – printing on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Announcing PaperLater: a new service from Newspaper Club

Some of the Newspaper Club team have been squirrelled away for the last few months, working on a brand new project. And today we’re very excited to announce it to the world. Introducing… PaperLater.


PaperLater lets you save the good bits of the web to print — so you can enjoy them away from a screen. It’s similar to ‘read it later’ services like Instapaper, Pocket or Readability, but delivered to your home in a beautiful newspaper.

When you find yourself on an article or blog post you’d prefer to read in print, just press the ‘Save for PaperLater’ button in your browser, and we’ll do the rest. When you’ve got enough articles, hit print and we’ll automatically layout, print and ship you a newspaper. It’ll be on your doorstep in a few days.


PaperLater launches into public beta today, as a separate service, powered by Newspaper Club. To find out more and sign up for an invitation, have a look at There’s also a full announcement on the PaperLater blog and you can follow @paperlaterhq on Twitter. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.


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Happy birthday to us

CMYK loom bands

Newspaper Club reached a new milestone this week – our 5th birthday. It’s amazing to think that in 5 years we’ve grown to a team of 9 printing over 5,000,000 newspapers for customers in over 30 countries.

We’ve learnt a tremendous amount along the way, both about newspaper printing and running a small business. It’s been great fun. The combination of customers who are excited about what they’re making and the variety of amazing newspapers that we get to see every day makes working at Newspaper Club an absolute pleasure. We’ve got lots of things planned for the future, and something pretty special coming next week.

We celebrated our birthday with cake, curry and custom-made CMYK loom bands (the closest we’ve ever got to a staff uniform). If this sounds like your idea of a good time, please consider our job ad for a new developer. We are looking for someone to help us keep growing for the next 5 years (and hopefully, beyond).

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Our classic and improved tabloids are changing

Our traditional tabloids are changing. From now on:

  • All of our tabloids (digital, classic and improved) are the same page size – 289mm x 380mm (hooray!).
  • Classic tabloids (on 52gsm recycled newsprint) are available in runs of 300 and 400 (down from a 500 copy minimum order)
  • Improved tabloids (on 52gsm improved newsprint) are available in the 289mm x 380mm page size.

We’re phasing out the old improved tabloid size (295mm x 359mm) so if you’re planning a future order please use the classic tabloid template. If you’re working with the old size and have a file ready to go don’t worry – we can still print that for you.

This now means that:

  • It’s easier to switch from digital to traditional printing
  • ARTHR users who want to print traditionally can order 300 or 400 copies (down from 500 minimum), and can print on improved newsprint.
  • You can print an improved tabloid and sell it in the Newsagent without having to resize your file.

What’s the difference between classic and improved tabloids?

Our classic tabloids are printed on 52gsm recycled newsprint – similar to the off-white newsprint that a standard tabloid newspaper would be printed on (although our newsprint is slightly heavier than say, The Sun or The Metro). Improved tabloids use “improved’ newsprint, which is the same weight, but brighter and whiter. It’s great for getting more out of your colours and photographs.

Can I see one of the new improved tabloids?

Yes, you can! Just request a sample here and tick the ‘improved’ box.

Are there any changes to digital tabloids?

No, the digital tabloids are staying the same.

Any questions?

Please contact us on and we’ll be happy to help.

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Extra! Extra! We’ve added an extra print run on Mondays!

More newspapers on the press

We get very busy at this time of year. So, due to popular demand, we’re adding an extra print run on Mondays at 2pm. This means the print deadlines are:

  • Mondays at 2pm UK time
  • Tuesdays at 2pm UK time
  • Thursdays at 2pm UK time

When you place an order we’ll check it in time for the next print run and you’ll receive your freshly printed newspapers 2-5 days after that (in the UK, slightly longer for overseas).

There are a few bank holidays Mondays coming up on 21 April, 5 May and 26 May – we’re closed on those days but any other Monday, send us your papers!

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The Newsagent is now available to everyone!

Good news everyone! There’s no need for an invite: from today, anyone can start selling their paper in The Newsagent!

In case you missed it, The Newsagent is our print-on-demand marketplace for newspapers. You make a paper, and we’ll sell it for you. We’ll handle all the payments, printing and delivery – leaving you to get on with making your paper. If you choose to add a profit, we take our cut and send you yours shortly after each sale.

There’s a great selection of papers on sale already, everything from Text Trends to Leaf Sculpture. The first 12 issues of our Long Good Read partnership with The Guardian are available, and so are the first 2 two issues of Florecast, a beautiful skateboarding magazine.

We’ve recently added email notifications for each sale, and a dashboard so you can see all your sales information in one place.

It’s super easy to start selling your paper: just print a single copy (or more), share it in The Newsagent and put it on sale. Find out more about how it all works and get set up.

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