The Deptford Project

We’re grateful to The Deptford Project.

For their custom.

For making a lovely newspaper.

For letting us blog about it.

And for photographing it in a new way.

The Deptford Project — Newspaper

Here’s some more info from Eivind Z. Molvær,

“The newspaper describes The Deptford Project’s past, present and future. TDP is, amongst other things, a train carriage in the middle of Deptford high street, London, made into a cafe — which is worthy of a newspaper on its own (and it had been featured in many) but also a range of events and markets held on the site.”

The Deptford Project — Newspaper

The Deptford Project — Newspaper

More pics on Flickr.

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Platforms, perspectives and points of view

Our friends at BERG launched Schooloscope this week. It’s a lovely piece of work, sweeping up all sorts of impenetrable data about schools and making it glanceable, readable and accessible. You can tell they’ve really worked hard on the details and, having glanced over their shoulders a little while they’ve been making it, we can attest to how they’ve worked to turn inherently judgmental and binary data into something fair and nuanced. Schooloscope’s perspective is that of someone neutral and informed, it’s therefore a brilliant tool for comparing schools, for exploring a terrain that’s completely baffling to many parents. It’s a superbly intelligent platform for data.

newspaper club - all souls school paper

If you’re already connected to a school though, the portrait they offer of your school probably won’t feel adequate. Deliberately neutral government data will never do justice to what someone involved with a school feels about that particular school. All of which struck me because we’ve just printed a newspaper for All Souls School in Westminster – an unashamedly un-neutral paper celebrating all that’s good about the school – aimed at recruiting more kids and parents.

newspaper club - all souls school paper

It’s a lovely piece of work and made me realise that Newspaper Club is a platform too and perhaps an especially good platform for people with particular points of view. (More pictures)

newspaper club - all souls school paper

And, it should be noted, both platforms are supported by 4iP.

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Investor Demo 3

Investor Demo 3

Investors: Mel looking stern and Dan looking pleased at our pre-launch revenue.

We had our 3rd Investor Demo this morning. We can’t tell you that much about it because as we get closer to launch we’re going to have to stop being as transparent as we have been previously. This is a shame, but it’s just one of the issues we face as we grow.

As a last transparency hurrah we’ll share with you the agenda from the meeting.

investor meeting

It went very well. Everyone is pleased. There is more work to be done, but we’re on track and we’re generating some decent revenue pre-launch, which is important.

The next two bits of news you can expect from us are a beta launch date and a pricing announcement. You should expect those in a week or so.

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Investor Breakfast

Investor Breakfast

This morning we held an Investor Breakfast, which is like an Investor Demo but earlier.

We updated them on all the latest progress and showed them some trial things we’ve made – both electronic and physical. Stuff so new it isn’t even on Flickr yet. We’re on track with everything and everyone seems happy.

There have been some significant developments since we last spoke to them and to you. The major one being that we’ve found someone who can print very small quantities of newspapers. This is fantastic because it enables us to offer more services to more people. (Look, I’m still speaking Investor.)

However, it’s Friday now and it’s been a long week, so we’ll talk more about that another time.

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Investor Demo

Yesterday, we indulged in a bit of Investor Theatre.

Day 16 - Investor Demo

We got out the best china, wore our best jumpers, tidied up a bit and looked like we were concentrating really hard all the time. Then we hit them with our Investor Demo. Including some of the nontrivial stuff.

We think it went well. They liked what we showed them and we’re a little bit ahead of schedule. Even though the “investment” hasn’t appeared in our bank account yet.

If yesterday we were in the Dragons Den, today we’re off to the Lions Den. We’re meeting with some actual newspaper printers. More news as we get it.

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