Meeting up in Glasgow

Earlier this month we had a team meeting. It was the first time all of us, all 13 of us, were together in the same room. A bit of a milestone. It was also the first visit for some to our headquarters in Glasgow. Ben captured the scene– there’s Frankie and Ralph making themselves right at home.

And here’s the jolly tea station that fuels our work day (when we aren’t popping down to All That Is Coffee).

We had lots to discuss, and we’ll be writing more about that soon. For now, there’s Ben’s meeting doodles to decipher.


(N.B. ingenuity of Tunnock’s teacake foil to keep coffee warm)


It was a good day for Newspaper Club. Some exciting projects in the works, starting with an announcement on Wednesday, so stay tuned. Special thanks to the London office for making the journey. Come visit again soon!

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  1. Mon, 14 Oct 2013 at 4:01 pm
    Frankie Roberto Permalink

    It was a fun trip. Thanks for your hospitality, Glasgow team! :)

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