A Busy Week in The Newsagent

It’s been an action-packed week here at Newspaper Club, with orders flying in and out with the speed of a very speedy thing.

There have been lots of lovely newspapers shared in The Newsagent this week as a result of this.

The Post Office by Abbie Vickress on Newspaper Club

This is The Post Office by Abbie Vickress, a great read about the privatisation of the Post Office in Britain.

DAILY DEDAL #01 by Benoist BUTTIN on Newspaper Club

Benoist Buttin’s paper, Daily Dedal, mixes classic newspaper design with more forward thinking typography. Nice!

198 micro-publish workshop-2nd by paula roush/ msdm publica(c)tions on Newspaper Club

And here’s a photographic paper produced during a micro-publishing workshop for artists and educators, held in response to Dreaming through –on & into the exotic, an exhibition by paula roush and maria lusitano running until 18th May.

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  1. Sat, 13 Apr 2013 at 9:55 pm
    Gail Nobles Permalink

    A busy week means print is not dead.

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