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Something we’re often asked about is printing images that run all the way across the sheets of a newspaper, like a series of posters. Setting up a file to print as full spread posters is simple once you know how. But it is so, so hard to explain with words!

I am going to show you how to make a dummy, or mock-up of your newspaper, and then we need never confuse each other ever again.


1. Start by taking some blank sheets of paper. They can be any size or shape, it doesn’t matter too much. You want to have as many sheets of paper as you want to make posters – I’m going to make 3 double sided posters, so I have 3 sheets of paper here.


2. Sketch out a rough version of how each poster is going to look on the sheets.


3. Make sure you also sketch out how the back of each poster will look, if they  have any artwork or text on them.


4. Now you should have a pile of sheets that are little rough versions of the pile of posters you want to order from Newspaper Club.


5. Gather the sheets together in the order and direction you want them to be printed in.


6. Now fold the whole pile in half.


7. Ta-da! This is your dummy newspaper.


8. Check through to make sure you’re happy with the order of the sheets – if not, you can rearrange them at this point until you’re happy with the way it looks.


9. Now, take a pen and number the bottom corner of every page. The numbers are the page numbers for your file. So page 1 in your dummy should look like page 1 in your file, page 2 should look like page 2, and so on.


10. Now look through your paper – you can see which page each part of each poster should be in your file.


11. Now you can pull the paper apart and see which page each half of each side belongs on.

So now you know how incredibly easy it is to work out how to make some posters, hopefully we can put an end to the sleepless nights and confused exchanges. However, if you are still unsure, please just drop us an email at I can’t promise we can make this any clearer, but we do always get there somehow in the end.   : )

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