I ♥ London by Marc Fairhurst

Printing papers for people is such fun, but we often don’t get to see the fruits of our labour, especially the digital prints. So when Marc Fairhurst shared this video of his newspaper with us we were chuffed to see how nicely it had turned out.

I ♥ London – Newspaper Edition from Marc Fairhurst on Vimeo.

As you’re probably aware, we print a LOT of papers, but because Anne, Emily, Silje and I check each and every one, between us we have a surprisingly comprehensive memory of them all. When we hear how they’re faring in the real world I feel a small pang of pride.

You can flick through his paper at your leisure here in our newsagent, where you can also share your own paper, or should the mood strike you, you can share your images or films with us on all the usual social media platforms.

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This is a post by Rosemary from the Newspaper Club Blog. Filed under case studies, digital tabloid, photography.

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