We like posting things almost as much as we like printing things

One of my favourite jobs at the moment is sending out the Newspaper Club samples. We’ve been getting lots more sample requests since we launched the Minis and Broadsheets a few weeks ago, so we’ve had to up our game. Doing the samples has gone from being a bit of a chore, to a pleasure, thanks to a few little things like a nice new table, a highly sophisticated system of product codes, and Newspaper Club rubber stamps!

"Stack of samples ready to post"

A stack of samples ready to post

Talking of stamps, did you know the colour of the £1 postage stamp is called “Ruby” and the colour of the £1.90 stamp is “Rhododenron”?

Would you like to receive some of these lovely colourful stamps and perhaps a sample newspaper or two? Yes? Then just drop us a line at support@newspaperclub.com, and we’ll put some in the post for you.

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  1. Fri, 30 Nov 2012 at 12:23 pm
    Max Permalink

    I received some samples the other week form Newspaper Club. They were all really interesting and it’s been great to actually have the newspapers in my hands so I can see what my newspaper will look like in the different formats. Very kind of Newspaper Club to send them on (and good business too).

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