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It’s always great to see newspapers we’ve printed after their release into the wild. So thank you Gemma Dutton in New Zealand for sharing your newspaper. Designed as part of a final graphic design university project it covers a topic close to our hearts – “print, and the myths surrounding sustainability in relation to designers”.

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Here’s the PDF and here’s the real (digitally printed) thing on Flickr.

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If you’ve printed a paper with us it’s easy to share it online. You can share the whole PDF through The Newsagent, or just the cover, depending on how generous you’re feeling. To do it – log in to your account, set up a public profile page if you don’t have one already, select your newspaper and get sharing. And if you have photos, we’d love to see them in our Flickr group. We feature a selection from The Newsagent on our home page each week and are always looking for examples to put on the blog and publicity material. So for a shot at fame and worldwide glory, share now!

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