We’re featured in Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain

Today luxury fashion brand Mulberry launches a project called Brilliant Britain.

They say, it’s “a guide to a truly great nation. A bespoke website and printed booklet celebrate the unsung heroes, undiscovered talents, famous landmarks, strange customs and all makes the country we call home such a fantastic, inspiring and exciting place to be.”

Newspaper Club featured in Mulberry's Brilliant Britain project

So that’s us. Our humble little company, we’re one of the unsung heroes and undiscovered talents making Britain an inspiring place to be.

We’re in there with luminaries such as fish and chips, Tate Modern and the beautiful Plumen lights so we’re dead chuffed.

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  2. […] displays. It’s part of Mulberry’s Brilliant Britain project, which we blogged about earlier. And it’s a tiny little picture in a big window in a huge department store. (Up there, at the […]

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