Campfire stories

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and people who’ve been following along from the beginning often tell us they miss the early days when we blogged a lot and over-shared like lunatics and invented Week Notes.

And now we have brilliant new people who are slightly worried about committing things to the blog that aren’t perfect and focused and newspaper-oriented, which is a fair concern, but I try and tell them – Never Mind! That’s What We Do! It’s Culture! and they smile and nod and get on with the real work of helping people print their newspapers. So this is now a new section I’m declaring Campfire Stories, because, honestly you should see what goes on in our Campfire chat, in between all the customer service.

Today, for instance, Rosie asked “have you ever seen the Russian version of Winnie The Pooh?”

And thirty seconds later we were discussing Cheburashka.

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Spens, Shand & Stovies by Jonny Hannah

Spends, Shand and Stovies: Being the Newspaper of Notable Fifers and Beyond is the latest excellent newspaper by Southampton-based illustrator
Jonny Hannah. It was printed to accompany an exhibition called ‘Fifers and other Stories’ which is on at the Carnegie Birthplace Museum in Dunfermline.

Having grown up in Dunfermline, Jonny depicts Fife and its citizens fondly, with loving tributes to Moira Shearer, Stuart Adamson, Jimmy Shand and Andrew Carnegie among others who all hail from the Kingdom of Fife. And if you’re wondering what stovies are, there’s a handy recipe.

The exhibition runs until 24 September 2012.

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