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Paper Science

Our friend Matt has written a fascinating (and detailed) post on his blog about his Paper Science project. We love seeing what people do with Newspaper Club and Paper Science is one of the most ambitious ventures to date – a year of publishing, four anthologies of brilliant comics in newspaper form. They’re really lovely things and you can still buy a complete set for just a tenner. If you’re in any way interested in publishing projects, comics and the new economics of creativity you should give it a read. It’s comprehensive and fascinating.

Marc in Paper Science

It’s fantastic to see some of the projects and ventures people hang off Newspaper Club and Paper Science is one of our favourites. Matt tried to do some ambitious things with subscriptions and delivery and though we couldn’t help to the extent we’d have liked it’s been the inspiration for a lot of the secret things Engineering have been working on. So, buy some papers from Matt and watch this space.

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  1. Sat, 14 Jul 2012 at 12:37 am
    iancu Permalink

    Hi Russel,
    quick question please: were these printed in digital or traditional colour? I’ve ordered the batch from Paper Science (still on the way so haven’t seen them yet) as I plan to do a short digital run too pretty soon and I wanted to see how the colours actually look and how detailed the photos are.

    If these are traditional colour, is the digital colour a lot lower in quality?

    Thank you, best wishes!

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