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A few months into starting Newspaper Club I was showing a designer friend, someone whose opinion I respect and admire, some of the newspapers we’d printed. He liked the ones I showed him and remarked that he’d like to be “exposed to some of this stuff” on a regular basis.

That was a phrase that stuck with me. As we’ve grown it’s become harder and harder for anyone to get “exposed to some of this stuff”. Probably no-one sees everything we print. We’ve been working hard to expose some of this stuff with the Newsagent, which is brilliant, but because we print so many it doesn’t capture everything and it would takes you ages to look through all the papers on there.

So I’ve decided to feature a few newspapers in a blog post. Chosen by me alone based purely on how good the cover looks in Newsagent. I know nothing about these newspapers, I don’t know who made them or where they ended up.

But I thought you’d like to beĀ “exposed to some of this stuff” on a regular basis.

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  2. Fri, 20 Apr 2012 at 10:35 pm
    Graham Barker Permalink

    I think this service is great, but the only thing i would wish for is the opportunity to have a single page litho wet proof. I think the ‘Urbanality’ images do not suit digital printing, they were too feint. I’d like to see how much stronger the black would be in litho but can’t afford the short run. Could it be possible to set up a system where customers can pay a fiver or a tenner for a test page? It might invite more customers to test the waters with you as well as have something to show clients to spend their money.

    Graham Barker

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