Easter printing & delivery times

It’s almost Easter, and that means Easter eggs and Easter holidays! We’ll be closed on:

Friday 6 April (Good Friday)
Saturday 7 April
Sunday 8 April
Monday 9 April (Easter Monday)

We’ll be open again on Tuesday 10 April for all your newspaper needs.

Although this doesn’t affect the days that we print (every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm) it will have an impact on delivery times. Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays so no deliveries will go out on those days. Papers ordered on Tuesday 3 April and Thursday 5 April will take longer than usual to arrive. Please make sure you leave at least 5 working days for delivery in the UK and a few days longer for overseas orders.

If you have any special requirements please contact us at support@newspaperclub.com and we’ll be glad to help.

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Win 5 tickets to Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall


Win 5 tickets to Teenage Cancer Trust Comedy night at the Royal Albert Hall starring Jimmy Carr, Alan Davies, Stewart Francis, Tim Minchin, Jon Richardson and Dave Spikey.

Comedians! Funny! Jokes!

We’ve got 5 tickets, a box no less, to give away. All day today on our Twitter we’ll be running competition. We will ask 3 newspaper related questions, simply answer with the hashtag #nccomp and everyone that gets all three right will go into a draw to win the tickets. You need to be free on the evening of 2nd April.

Follow us on Twitter to enter: twitter.com/newspaperclub

1st question is here

2nd question is here

3rd question is here

Worst competition ever. None of you have entered. So we’re going to put everyone who has answered even one question into a hat and we’ll draw a winner tomorrow.

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Announcing Student Week

When we launched Newspaper Club we had no real idea who would use the product or what they would do with it. One of the joys is finding out.

One group of people that do lots of brilliant, inspiring things are art and design students. Last year we had a whole bunch of really exciting papers printed for final projects and student shows. It’s approaching that time of year again so we thought we’d make a bit of an effort this time. Get the best china out, invite the in-laws round, make a logo, do some blogging. That kind of thing.

Newspaper Club Student Week

I’m proud to announce Newspaper Club’s inaugural Student Week. We’ll have a series of blog posts which we hope will help in these last few weeks of your degree. Stuff about organising a portfolio, what employers look for, how to go about getting a job in design. Lots of you email us with questions about printing – for dissertations and the like – so we’ll tackle that, probably in a podcast or something. And then at the end of the week we’ll launch something special.

Oh and we might have a competition. Sales & Marketing wanted to give a Vespa as a prize, but we can’t afford that, so we might give away a Wispa. Or maybe some free printing. (We ought to ask our new MD first.)

By our calculations (Googling) you all get back from Easter holidays on Monday 23rd April. So we’ll start student week then.

How does that sound?

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New! Embed Your Newspaper on Your Site

We’ve just added a little feature to the Newsagent. You can now embed a newspaper on your site, just by copying and pasting the HTML code provided on each paper’s page.

For example, here’s the paper that started it all:

And seventhirtyeight, which Anne wrote about earlier today:

There’s a nice little scroller, and you can click through to the paper on the Newspaper Club site. The medium size is designed to fit neatly into a typical blog post, and there’s a slightly larger option too.

By default anyone can embed a paper, but if you want to turn it off, just untick the option in the sharing settings.

It turns out writing the code to do this is a bit tricker than we thought, so if you notice the design looking a bit wonky on your site, please let us know.

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738 – a journey in newsprint

Public transport users in the Preston area may recently have noticed a different kind of free newspaper – 738 by Steve Wilkin. Steve is an illustrator who regularly travels on the 7:38 from Hebden Bridge to his job as an illustration lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

For the past ten years he has been drawing people on his daily commute. A free newspaper gave him the inspiration to publish his sketchbooks in newspaper format. With funding from the contemporary arts development group (CADG) at the University of Central Lancashire he published 500 x 16-page traditionally-printed newspapers to give out to his fellow travellers.

More photos and information on how to get a copy at seventhirtyeight.blogspot.com.

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Exposed to some of this stuff

A few months into starting Newspaper Club I was showing a designer friend, someone whose opinion I respect and admire, some of the newspapers we’d printed. He liked the ones I showed him and remarked that he’d like to be “exposed to some of this stuff” on a regular basis.

That was a phrase that stuck with me. As we’ve grown it’s become harder and harder for anyone to get “exposed to some of this stuff”. Probably no-one sees everything we print. We’ve been working hard to expose some of this stuff with the Newsagent, which is brilliant, but because we print so many it doesn’t capture everything and it would takes you ages to look through all the papers on there.

So I’ve decided to feature a few newspapers in a blog post. Chosen by me alone based purely on how good the cover looks in Newsagent. I know nothing about these newspapers, I don’t know who made them or where they ended up.

But I thought you’d like to be “exposed to some of this stuff” on a regular basis.

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Making things real with newsprint

Fosta reading a papaOur friends from the Near Future Laboratory have made a fantastic newspaper called Convenience – “It’s based on the hypothesis that all great innovations and inventions find their way into the Corner Convenience store.” They’ve used it to bring to life some speculative thinking they’ve been doing about products, design and convenience – and to have something to share with participants at a conference called Emerge. They only printed 100, and I bet they all went quickly, but you can download a pdf. It’s well worth a look.

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