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The nice people from Madame Truffles in Melbourne, Australia have written a blog post about their recent, beautiful, newspaper which we are reproducing here.

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I thought it was worth writing an additional post with a bit more detail about the truffle newspaper we’ve made this year. When I say ‘we’ve made’, it’s important to note this includes Ian who designed it so beautifully, and The Newspaper Club who actually got the thing printed. (I thoroughly recommend anyone who wants to make a paper about, well, anything really, to use them.) The papers arrived this week and they look and feel great.

The paper will be available in store (to take home) for anyone wanting to learn more about truffles. Some of the pages are shown below. It’s been fun making it and we’ve had to do a lot of digging around ourselves (not sure if that’s a truffle pun, but if it is, it’s not intended) and have learnt a lot along the way.

There’s an interview with Simon Harvey – an ex military dog trainer who now trains truffle dogs in Tasmania. And also an interview with Peter Marshall from Terra Preta truffiere in NSW. Some of you may recall Peter from when we went truffle hunting with him last year. His approach to truffles is quite unique and he’s a fascinating man to spend time with, which hopefully comes across in the article.

There’s also hints and tips on looking after truffles, a few recipes (thanks to Tony, Kate and Andrew), some facts and figures about the industry, plus some other nonsense in there as well.

A page for the fact fans


I’m pretty sure it was P Diddy who once said ‘Truffles are the bomb’


They’re not that easy to find…


The magical world underneath the trees

You can see the newspaper in the Newsagent

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    Looks great! Some lovely pages there.

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