A Christmas newspaper

We’re finishing up for Christmas today so will leave you with this lovely festive newspaper from Australia.

Twelve Days of Christmas designed by Famous Visual Services in Melbourne features the work of 12 local artists with a new look at the 12 days of Christmas.

The whole paper is on show in our newsagent.

Any of you in Fitzroy can look out for the paper which is being sold to raise money for a children’s playground in a local housing project.

And with that we wish you all a very merry Christmas (festive opening hours are over here).

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Anne Ward – Managing Director – hurrah!

We had a big Newspaper Club meeting and Christmas Dinner on Friday. Lots of exciting plans were discussed and Ben and I cried bitter tears at not getting Christmas bonuses, unlike everyone else, just because we never do any work whereas they do.

But the major event, for me, was that we announced Anne Ward’s elevation from Customer Service Supremo to Managing Director – in recognition of the fact that she is, basically, managing and directing the company.

There are lots of things to be proud of with Newspaper Club – printing our millionth paper, all the great papers people make, Tom’s coding genius – but the best bit for me has been to see Anne just take over and turn our silly idea into a brilliant business. Multiple times a week the @newspaperclub feed fills up with people saying great things about Anne and her team. It’s a joy to see. So, huge congratulations to Anne, and can we have Christmases bonuses next year please?

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Free stickers!

Print and pint

The other day Art unveiled these wonderful new stickers. Lovingly designed and printed over the last six months they feature round, square and rectangular shapes. The rest of the team seemed to like them. It was hard to tell.

I know what you’re thinking, how can I get my hands on a sheet of these amazing stickers? Simple! We’re going to be giving away one sheet with every order you make, while stocks last. So get ordering, sticker lovers.

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Last printing dates / festive opening

Merry Christmas from all at Newspaper Club

The recommended last printing dates for Christmas are as follows:

  • Tuesday 13 December 2011 – international orders
  • Thursday 15 December 2011 – UK orders

At this time of year the weather is the biggest risk to any deliveries so please allow extra time for your order to arrive.

Holiday closing

We’ll be closed on the following dates:

  • Friday 9 December 2011 – closing at 12 pm
  • Friday 23 December 2011 – closing at 12pm
  • Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 December 2011 – closed
  • Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 January 2012 – closed

This means that over the holidays the print days are:

  • Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 December 2011
  • Thursday 29 December 2011
  • Thursday 5 January 2012

After that everything is back to normal – printing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm.

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Tasty newspapers

Cook It Yourself by James Brook

These delicious-looking newspapers were produced by James Brook, an artist and graphic designer based in London as part of his MA Graphic Design at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. They all have a culinary theme, including recipes, photos of kitchen equipment and even shopping lists.

James Brook's cookery newspaper

It’s an unusual thing to see in newsprint so we asked James to tell us more about his project:

I wanted to make a cook book that challenged the instant visual gratification and high production values of most contemporary cook books and their foregrounding of looking over cooking. The newspaper format, with its connotations of ephemerality is far removed from the excesses of contemporary cook book production. It is a practical format for the kitchen: it can be spilled on, cut or torn up and written on by the user; in addition, its scale allows it to work as a poster, pasted up on the wall to consult whilst cooking. The newspaper is something that exists in, and is a part of, everyday life like food itself. The newspaper is an ideal vehicle for suggesting that cooking should be a part of daily life.

If you’d like to see more, James’s MA Show is on at LCC until 8 December and there are more photos on jamesbrookdesign.blogspot.com.

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Popping over to The Newsagent

I experienced one of my biggest thrills whilst working at Newspaper Club (and there have been so very many) one evening earlier this year. We were celebrating the arrival of a shiny new digital press at one of our printing partners. Very thoughtfully, our printer friend had laid out on a big table all the papers they’d run off for Newspaper Club’s customers in the previous few weeks.

I knew we were constantly being given some great stuff to print but I was really unprepared for how good they all looked. Many were quite beautiful. Others clever and witty. Even the ones that had a bit of an amateur look about them looked amateur in a genuine and charming way. Brilliant.

Well, I’ve just experienced another thrill like that one. We now have an online, and constantly replenished, version of that printer’s big table on the site: our Newsagent. People share their newspapers there by simply selecting an option on the Dashboard when they’re ready. It’s only been up for a couple of weeks but there’s already a good selection.

To pick out a few from our currently featured papers (though I could have chosen literally dozens of interesting ones from those shared): this splendid wedding anniversary one by Phil Dobinson, which has surely earned him a wheelbarrow of marital brownie points and whose front page is at the top of this post (incidentally, they also made a similarly splendid wedding paper); this intriguing one by the Ferment ‘zine people, which happens to be about one of my favourite subjects, food (you can sign up to buy it here); this one by the photography collective wideyed featuring a residency in a French chateau and lots of wine-making (wine being another favourite thing); and this one made by Ingi, who is, you know, one of those Icelandic-Belgian-Geordie comic creators (it will be for sale at the Canny Comic Con on 10th December). I could go on – but why not pop over to the Newsagent and take a look yourself?

The word “newspaper” really doesn’t do it all justice, does it?

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