“Suddenly, a newspaper is fresh

One of the world’s most prolific bloggers, US-based Andrew Sullivan, rediscovers the newspaper:

…I’ve switched from reading the NYT on my iPad to reading it on paper. It feels like a huge improvement. It isn’t that the iPad didn’t give me all the information I wanted – at any time. It’s just that when I have the actual paper in my hands, I find myself reading more – and more closely. I have a sense of accomplishment as I toss each ransacked section onto the floor next to my blogging chair. The photographs pop. The placement of the stories visually adds a layer of editorial spin that informs me about where the paper is coming from. I didn’t quite expect this. I liked my iPad mornings with coffee and gluten-free cookies. But suddenly, a newspaper is fresh.

We know exactly what he means. As do more and more people from far and wide – last week we delivered nearly half our papers overseas, mostly to Europe but also to customers in Australia and North America. We would like to send more to the US, and we’re sure we can.

So thanks for the reminder of what newsprint can do, Mr Sullivan.

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Black and white and read all over

Black + White Photography: September issue

There’s a very useful article in the September issue of Black and White Photography magazine on different ways of creating a newspaper using black and white photographs. Tim Daly explains how to prepare images in different ways for different results. It’s worth getting a copy if you’re interested in printing a photo paper.

Escalier C's newspaper

There are also some lovely examples of black and white photography in this digitally-printed newspaper from Escalier C, a Parisian graphic design and art direction workshop. More photos on their website.

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Speculative tshirts

Print's Not Dead C

We get asked a lot if we have any Newspaper Club tshirts. And we don’t, but maybe we should.


So if we built these tshirts, would you be interested in owning one? There are more over here. Let us know via Twitter or Flickr or one of those cool planes with a banner hanging off the tail.

The Dude W

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