Looking for Beta Testers

We’re looking for beta testers for a new bit of the Newspaper Club site. If you’ve made a newspaper with us, either in ARTHR or uploaded as a PDF, and are interested in promoting it, sharing it, or just having a page for it on our site, then we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us an email to newspaperclub@newspaperclub.com, with the subject line ‘Beta Testing’ and the email address of your account. If you’ve got some of the details of the paper you made, that’d be great too. We can’t guarantee we’ll get back to everyone, but we’ll try our best.

The rest of you: the Newspaper Club Newsagent is coming soon.

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One size fits all: digital paper sizes are a-changing

The city does not consist of this...

As we mentioned a little while ago, the page sizes for our digital colour newspapers will be changing. From next week (Tuesday 30 August), the digital page size will be 289mm x 380mm, the same as our traditional newspapers. This makes life a little simpler as one template works for both types of printing. Hooray!

We did hope to have more notice of this but only heard from the printers last week that the old paper was running out. Clearly, changing the paper size at short notice may be a headache for anyone halfway through making their newspaper. Sorry about that. The good news is we can scale down any 317mm x 457mm designs and keep everything in proportion. Apart from that everything about the digital papers will stay the same.

If you have any questions about the change please contact us at support@newspaperclub.com. We’ll be happy to help as always.

Photo: Systems/Layers: Urban Experience in the Network Age, a digital newspaper made for the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design by Mayo Nissen and Adam Greenfield.

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Not be sold separately

Not to be sold separately

There’s a brilliant exhibition in the foyer-ery bit of the Guardian at the moment. It’s called Not to be sold separately: The Observer Colour Magazine 1964-1995 and features covers and spreads from that period.

Not to be sold separately

Not to be sold separately

Not to be sold separately

There are some great covers.

This one is particularly cute.

Not to be sold separately Not to be sold separately

And this is an interesting article about women working in The City.

Not to be sold separately Not to be sold separately

“Hard work is no good, I’ve learnt, without luck too. I gave them assurances of no future children, and of being able to arrange my domestic life so that it wouldn’t interfere with work.”

Not to be sold separately

“Inside the office of the future”.

So good.

It’s free, open to the public and a five minute walk from Kings Cross. More details here.

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