Now Pricing in Euros

Good news for our European customers: we now offer pricing in Euros for countries in the Eurozone! And we have done for a couple of weeks. We just forgot to blog about it. Sorry.

To find out the pricing for where you live, just head on over to the pricing page, and select your country from the dropdown. Couldn’t be easier.

Through the miracle of modern logistics, our newspapers usually arrive just a day after (and sometimes even before!) our UK deliveries. I’m subscribed to our delivery notifications, and the regular ping of gentle notifications as our newspapers arrive and are signed for, in the Eurozone and beyond, still amazes me.

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Now Printing Twice a Week

Begg paper

When we started Newspaper Club, we did a few things to make our lives as easy as possible, whilst we were still finding our feet. One of those things was doing all our printing in a single weekly print run every Tuesday at 2pm.

It’s worked quite well for us. It helped us gather all our orders into a single bundle for sending to the press, and gave us some time in the rest of the week to spend on improving the site and the service.

But as we’ve grown, it’s become clear that it’s becoming harder to get through all our orders in a single day, and we need to spread the load.

So from next week we’re going to be printing twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday, at 2pm UK time (9am Eastern time).

You can expect the same turnaround times. If you order on a Tuesday, we often get it you by Friday, for the UK, and early the following week for the US and Europe. And if you order on a Thursday, we’ll have them with you early the next week in the UK, and in the middle of the week for the US and Europe.

And, as always, if you need your papers for a specific date or event, please let us know. Often we can arrange something for you, but we need to know in advance to be able to guarantee anything.

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