Guardian SXSW Hack Day

Guardian SXSW Hack Day

We spoke at the Guardian’s SXSW Hack Day at the weekend. That’s typical of us, working the weekend like all hungry young start ups.

We didn’t do any hacking, we just showed some examples of the different things you can do with newsprint. Jemima has written a nice article about it here. I suspect Sales & Marketing’s killer phrase “the aesthetic is rather like Geocities – it doesn’t matter how it looks, it’s just very pleasing to have made [it]”. Will fly round the interent and deliver hundreds of sales.

Guardian SXSW Hack Day newspaper

Talking of sales, the Guardian were kind enough to use our award winning service to make a newspaper themselves which was handed out to all the hackers.


The picture above was taken by Aleks Krotoski of the chaps from Spotify, a music start up. They spoke just after us. They didn’t mention Geocities.

If you’d like to know which hacks won pop on over to the Guardian’s SXSW coverage. Thanks to all who came along to listen.

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  1. […] This weekend I took part in the Guardian Hacks SXSW event – a gathering of 100 programmers, coders, journalists and designers at the Guardian’s offices in King’s Cross. Delegates were given a loose brief/challenge – to create a tool with journalistic potential, possibly using information from social media, possibly for use at the South by South West (SXSW) festival in Austin. Developers were asked to consider ways of conveying the “mood” of a post, the nostalgia for printed media and ways of personalising content. Equally, proposals could be aimed at helping the media consumer in some way – possibly by creating more intuitive interfaces and by delivering more relevant information. A list of hacks from the event is available from Rewired State. Articles on the event: Guardians Hacks SXSW: Can newspaper be hacked? by Jemima Kiss Guardian Hacks SXSW: Beyond words, a judge’s view Newspaper Club […]

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