I have no idea what this means

I have no idea what this means

They weren’t printed by us. I think they are just on a daily broadsheet. I think they are promoting an exhibition at the end of last year. They appear to be by Bortusk Leer. Very little seems to be known about Bortusk.

I have no idea what this means

You can buy prints some here and there’s a Flickr group set up by fans, but there’s very little information.

Anyway, I see them a lot around Shoreditch where Newspaper Club has an office. I like them. And they remind me of the many unusual things you can do with newsprint. We’ve only been going a year but already we’ve printed newspapers for stage props, for short films, for art exhibits, for final shows, for portfolios, for annual reports, for birthday presents, for weddings and for wrapping paper. We haven’t printed anything for Bortusk, but maybe we will one day.

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