The news is, there is no news

Nada News by Pepe Medina

As Ben pointed out, you don’t just have to have news on newspaper. Sometimes, the news is, there is no news. And no news is good news.

Nada News by Pepe Medina

The newspaper Nada News (above) illustrates this perfectly. Designed by Pepe Medina, Nada News was shown at the Columpio Drawing Gallery and given out at the main train station in Madrid to much delight.

Thank you for printing with us Pepe!

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I have no idea what this means

I have no idea what this means

They weren’t printed by us. I think they are just on a daily broadsheet. I think they are promoting an exhibition at the end of last year. They appear to be by Bortusk Leer. Very little seems to be known about Bortusk.

I have no idea what this means

You can buy prints some here and there’s a Flickr group set up by fans, but there’s very little information.

Anyway, I see them a lot around Shoreditch where Newspaper Club has an office. I like them. And they remind me of the many unusual things you can do with newsprint. We’ve only been going a year but already we’ve printed newspapers for stage props, for short films, for art exhibits, for final shows, for portfolios, for annual reports, for birthday presents, for weddings and for wrapping paper. We haven’t printed anything for Bortusk, but maybe we will one day.

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Factory Visit

A roll of paper

The factory visit has been a firm fixture on the business calendar ever since just after factories were invented. In our opinion it’s one of the most enjoyable ways you can spend a day of work.

We took some time today to visit one of our key suppliers. We discussed new products, pricing and making our service better for you, our customers.

This factory is run by a good boss.

World's Greatest Boss

There are lots of corridors and stairs. Always a good sign.

Lots of this

There was lots of paper, some of it with foreign words printed on.


Often factories can be a long way from your headquarters, nowadays with globalisation, sometimes even in another country. That didn’t deter us. Community Management came from Scotland, CEO came from CEOland, Engineering came from the land where they make hats out of the jumpers the Levellers used to wear. Art came from LA, hence the one sock rolled up “gang” look.


Where were Sales and Marketing I hear you tapping into your keyboards! Worry not. They were out pounding the streets, knocking on doors, doing the deals that fund these extravagant excursions.

It was a good day.

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