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You might remember that back in the days of summer we started shipping internationally. This was, of course, our initial attempt to dominate the global market in helping people make their own newspapers. But whilst world domination remains on the ‘to do’ list, we’re pleased with how things have gone – it’s certainly done its bit in doubling our sales in the last four months.

Where are we delivering to? Well, the Nordic region has been a popular destination. I guess this may have a lot to do with quite a few people up there speaking English very well (often better than a lot of us), making our website easily understood. We’ve also delivered a disproportionate number of papers to Germany – but the reason why is mysterious.

We’re keen to do more internationally, especially as we’re not delivering as much as we’d like to the US (even though the delivery cost seems fairly reasonable). We’ve concluded that a better way to help more people over there make their own newspapers might be to partner with some US printers – we can then print locally and, like we do in the UK, absorb domestic delivery costs. We’d also then stir ourselves to bill in dollars.

We have a couple of interesting potential partners, but could do with adding some more candidates from around the country… which leads me to make a bit of a bleg: if anyone could recommend US newspaper printers we’d be very grateful. It’s been particularly difficult to find printers that can (or are willing) to produce newspapers digitally (i.e. in small runs that remain economic), so suggestions in this area would be even more gratefully received. Please email me at gareth[at]newspaperclub[dot]co[dot]uk.

It’s probably worth pointing out that just because we’re getting all excited about the US, it doesn’t mean we’re not also thinking about the rest of the world. We’re always interested to talk to people who have ideas about how we might work together in places we’re not, but should be…

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