Hackers! is one of my favourite papers we’ve made so far. And you can buy one.

Leila (the editor) says this about it:

Hackers! is a full-colour, 12-page, quarterly newspaper packed with entertaining creations and ideas, features on artists, scientists, and everything inbetween. Read about laser-powered bongs, hacking time, new games for old 8-bits, side- channel attacks, Victorian hackers, combination locks and plenty more.

“Why hackers? I kept seeing this very fresh, very motivated creativity everywhere, individuals quietly looking for possibilities to subvert and improve given systems and technologies with their ideas – and refusing to accept that it can’t be done. There was a shared attitude, but no single place to go to find it all. So I spotted a gap for a new publication, respectfully and professionally produced, but made in the spirit of hacking rather than simply reporting on it. Hacking has many meanings – it’s as much about ingenious problem-solving as it is about mischief. People are beginning to realise that, and that’s definitely something to celebrate.”

I like it because it sits in that lovely sweet spot between professional and amateur. A newly emerging sweet spot that’s better than both extremes. Or something. Anyway, it’s nicely DIY and quirky but it’s also got proper discipline – because it’s been well edited and it’s got a limited number of pages. So it’s all good. (Not in the American sense of it not being a problem, but in the literal sense of being entirely good.)  And you can buy one.

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