Newspaper Stories: The Testing Planet

The Testing Planet - July 2010

Here’s Rosie Sherry of The Software Testing Club on why they chose to print a newspaper with us:

The Testing Planet by Rosie Sherry

A newspaper inspired by superheroes, monsters and The Newspaper Club!

I attended dconstruct last year which is where I first heard about Newspaper Club. I knew the moment I saw it that I wanted to create something. Almost a year later we at The Software Testing Club have created our first and very beautiful newspaper.

The Testing Planet by Rosie Sherry

We are a community of people that like to test software. The industry has a perception of being dull. Everything we are doing is to prove this wrong by livening up the software testing industry. We do this by focusing on being seriously fun through our ‘social network‘, our blog and other fun activities.

We felt a newspaper was the ideal option for our regular ‘publication’. A standard magazine just wouldn’t cut it. And the feedback from our community has been fab, they love it.

Thanks Rosie! There are more photos in this The Testing Planet Flickr set and you can download the PDF to find out more.

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