Back in the early days, when we had no idea whether this was a good idea or not, we took a lot of comfort from the nice things that Jeremy at magCulture said about us. He seemed to like what we were doing and he knows a lot about publishing.

So we were really delighted when Jeremy used us to make a 4th Anniversay Best of magCulture Paper. And even more delighted that it’s for sale. We really like it when we can help create something that people can sell, it’d be brilliant if we could become a platform for other little businesses.

Anyway – you can get a copy of the magCulture here, and you should. It’s only £4 in the UK. (£5 for Europe, £7 for the rest of the world.)

(pictures from magCulture, hope that’s OK)

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  1. [...] such a service. Some examples already printed: A newspaper of wedding photos; magculture created a ‘paper’ edition of his archives to coincide with his blog turning 4 and a paper which chronicles the conception of The Deptford [...]

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