Introducing Gary and Anne

We’re half way through a two day Newspaper Club Away Day session.

Newspaper Club Away Day

We have all come together to discuss how we improve Newspaper Club. Things that have arisen from the Beta, working out what features we should add and just generally discussing what we do next. It’s nice to pause and take stock.

New Newspaper Club hires

When I say ‘we’ there are five of us now as we’re pleased to introduce two additions to the Newspaper Club team. Anne Ward and Gareth Williams. Anne might be familiar from I Like, she’ll be handling Customer Relations. Gareth has a background in finance and running a large successful business and he’ll be handling Business Development.

Often as a business grows the founders find out very quickly where their skills lie and where the gaps are. A mistake people often make is thinking they can do everything themselves. That’s a trap we’re determined not to fall into. Anne and Gary have already made a significant difference to our small team and we’re excited about working with them on the stuff we’ve been talking about today.

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  1. Wed, 28 Apr 2010 at 9:02 am
    john Permalink

    Headcount ballooning. Corporate away-days. With lavish condiments. Very worrying, all very worrying.

  2. [...] the major event, for me, was that we announced Anne Ward’s elevation from Customer Service Supremo to Managing Director – in recognition of the fact that she is, basically, managing and [...]

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