A couple of updates to ARTHR


The Engineering Dept are currently on a mini-tour of the US, following SXSW (see previous). Somewhere on a mammoth train journey between San Francisco and New York, they managed to find the time to add a couple of features to ARTHR, which are live now.

First, one of the most requested changes: captions for images.

Captions in ARTHR

You can now add captions to images, allowing you to describe what’s going on in them, to provide credit to the photographer or to provide link to the Flickr page, for example.

We’ve also added more image position options (see the hastily sketched diagram below!), and you can now force images to fill 1/3rd or 2/3rds of the page. It’s not ground breaking, but hopefully it’ll give you a little bit more flexibility when laying out your pictures.


And we’ve fixed a couple of bugs that some of you had noticed – especially when changing your newspaper’s cover. As always, if you spot anything amiss, or if something doesn’t work for you, just drop us an email.

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    [...] ARTHR isn’t just a means to an end, it’s a marvellous invention that’s genuinely made new things possible – and we could do more with it than just newspapers. [...]

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