Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

Last week we were in Austin, Texas to speak at SXSW Interactive. We also went to hear other talks, to meet up with friends and to investigate taking Newspaper Club to America.

We thought it would be a good idea to print a newspaper while we were there and seeing as our panel was at the end of the week we thought we would include content generated during the conference.

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing contained articles kindly written for us by Matt Jones, Bobbie Johnson, Clay Shirky, Warren Ellis, Dan Hill and James Bridle.

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

Chris Heathcote made a Buzz Word Bingo for our panel, David McCandless sent us a beautiful infographic, we included some Noticings from the week and we added a Walking Paper for Austin.

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

But my favourite bit was the centre spread. Foursquare and SimpleGeo very kindly gave us some anonymous checkin data from which Michal from Stamen made this gorgeous map of foursquare checkins during the conference. If you checked in on Monday, this was in the centre spread on Tuesday afternoon.

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

To make the newspaper we found this little nook inside the conference centre and set up a mini BRIG studio for two days.

BRIG, SXSW Edition

BRIG, SXSW Edition

The panel seemed to go really well and people seemed to like the newspaper which we handed out at the end.

For a blog post

For a blog post

For a blog post

Because our panel had Spime in the title, Bruce Sterling himself turned up. Luckily Twitter seemed to think he liked it.

For a blog post

One of the things we spoke about was analogue friction. Problems you encounter when making stuff in the real world as opposed to just on the web. We experienced this first hand as we neared the deadline for our newspaper just as Ev Williams started his keynote.

For a blog post

First they nicked Michal’s chair.

For a blog post

Then Engineering started to feel the pressure.

For a blog post

Then we tried to upload the files just as all the @ev’s brought the conference wifi to a halt. Eventually we had to go outside and upload via Michal’s MiFi.

Stamen / Newspaper Club upload race

We made it just in time.

Things Our Friends Sent Us For Printing

We had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped with the paper and thanks to everyone who came along to the panel.

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Newspaper Club “stupidly exciting” says BBC

While the Newspaper Club team is Stateside, business continues as normal (more or less) back at the UK ranch.  We got a nice bit of publicity on BBC News the other day. Media tycoons wanted: Make your own newspaper gives a pithy overview of how Newspaper Club started and what it has achieved so far. Ben Hammersley, Editor at Large of Wired magazine describes us as “stupidly exciting” which is nice, and our Russell (Sales & Marketing) claims that print isn’t dead. If you’re wondering what we’re all about it’s a good place to start.

We’ve had a lot of enquiries because of it (hooray!) and are printing and quoting like mad. If you’ve asked for an invitation we’ll get one out to you as soon as we can – within 48 hours or so. If you’ve been waiting any longer than that please check your spam folder as chances are it’s in there.

Tuesdays are Print Deadline Days (2pm to be precise) so hurry, hurry if you want to make this week’s run. If you don’t, don’t worry – there’ll be another one along next week.

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All Systems Go!

The Team

It’s all hands to the pump for the team at South by South West Interactive at the moment. We’ve carved out some space in a hidden away enclave in the Austin Conference Centre to work on our free gift for attendees of the Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper: Post-Digital Media Design panel on Tuesday at 3:30pm in Hilton H.

There will be maps! There will be infographics! There will be writing from people you’ve heard of! There will be games to play! But we’ve got 20 minutes until our deadline, so it’s time to get back to it. If you’re around, we’d love to see you there.

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Newspaper Club at SXSW

Chevron Station
Beautiful picture borrowed from Phil. Thanks Phil.

From Friday Newspaper Club will be at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas. We’ll be speaking on a panel called Maps, Books, Spimes, Paper: Post-Digital Media Design with James, Chris and Michal. Come along if you’re around. If you can’t make that I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities to say hello.

We’ll also be making something special, but more about that later.

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Thank You

Wow. Tonight the category winners of the Design Museum Designs Of The Year awards were announced. We’re surprised and delighted to announce that we won the award in our category, Graphics.

This seems like a good opportunity to stop and thank a few people who have helped us so far. Obviously we’ll forget someone really important, so apologies for that up front.

Starting a business is hard, unglamorous work. We would have achieved nothing without the support of colleagues, friends, advisors and other people who don’t fit neatly into those categories.

So a big thanks from all of us at Newspaper Club to the following:

4ip – in particular Dan, Mel, Chris and Tom.

All our customers, especially the very early ones – BBC, Penguin, Wired and The Rebel Alliance.

and now in alphabetical order

Aaron Straup Cope
Alex Parrott
Anne Ward
Anna Pickard
Bobbie Johnson
Chris Heathcote
Clay Shirky
Dan Hill
Gavin Bell
James Boardwell
James Bridle
Jeremy Leslie
Kim Plowright
Lucy Johnston
Matt Biddulph
Matt Locke
Matt Sheret
Mike Migurski
Phil Gyford
Rev Dan Catt
Richard Moross
Ryan Hurley
Simon Esterson
Steve, James and Mobina
Toby Barnes
Tim Bradshaw
Warren Ellis

Thank you.

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