Dead Season Live Art

Engineering were whisked away this weekend on a romantic trip to Margate, on the Kent coast. Margate is undergoing a bit of a reinvention as an arts centre. Just around the corner from the building site of the Turner Contemporary, we stumbled across this in a cafe, just lying on the table where we sat down:

Dead Season Live Art

It’s a great little newspaper, promoting Margate’s happening during the winter season.

Dead Season Live Art

The design is gorgeous, and they’ve used the newspaper format much in the same way that Newspaper Club does. Not parodying it, but respecting it and the details that make a newspaper feel… right.

Dead Season Live Art

The centre spread is a poster, ready to be pulled out and stuck up in a window:

Dead Season Live Art

It’s not one of ours, but it shows why newspapers are a great format for events. Well done Margate.

Dead Season Live Art

More photos on Flickr.

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