The Last newspaper of the year

Last FM recently published their celebrated end of year Top 40 as a newspaper using our PDF upload option. best of 2009 newspaper

They printed a paper for London and a paper for New York and included some local data visualisations based on listening in those cities. best of 2009 newspaper

It looks gorgeous and it feels like another way of getting online data into print. best of 2009 newspaper

More details here including one you can download.

We’re grateful to Last for providing us with a suitable end of year headline as we’re now shut for Christmas. We’ve had lots of enquiries over the last few weeks from people who are very excited about making their own newspapers, so it’s only fair that we update you on our launch progress.

We’re currently in a very private beta. This means we have a few select people testing the site and we’re learning and rebuilding as we go along. As you will have noticed we are printing newspapers but only a few and only really ones we feel demonstrate the flexibility of Newspaper Club. We’re not open for business just yet.

We’re planning a public beta end of Jan / start of Feb when you will be able to make a newspaper.

The best place to hear all the Newspaper Club launch news is right here.

Until next year have a very Merry Christmas from Art, Engineering and Sales & Marketing.

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