Occasionally smug

Depending upon which device you are reading this, over there on the right we claim that this blog will be where “we’re alarmingly honest about where it’s all going wrong. And occasionally smug about where it’s going right.” At the moment our PR strategy appears to be “going right”.

We were featured in December’s Creative Review in a piece about the best magazines and newspapers of the year. Jeremy Leslie from MagCluture described us as “a pointer to the future of publishing content”.

Newspaper Club in Creative Review

Paul Brazier, the D&AD President (that’s a big deal for the design team) picked us as his Design of the Year in Design Week’s review of 2009. In particular he highlighted the corporate newspaper we did for Penguin.

D&AD President nominates Newspaper Club as his design of the year in Design Week

Gordon Brown mentioned us that speech he gave which set all the data free. He referenced the Postcode Paper when describing the great things free data could achieve.

“All of this will be available for free commercial re-use, enabling people for the first time to take the material and easily turn it into applications, like fix my street or the Postcode Paper.”

That created all sort of interest including this mention inside the Financial Times. Which in turn impressed my father-in-law.

Newspaper Club in the Financial Times

Not bad for a small start up.

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