Folksy – a Sales & Marketing Triumph


A lot of glory in any start-up tends to go to the designers and engineers, they make the visible stuff, the stuff that gets written about, the stuff that wins awards. But the success of any start-up is really down to the people treading the streets, getting toes in door, getting in-your-face-time with wavering clients and Making A Sale – the Sales People. The newspaper we made with Folksy is a great example of this unsung art in operation. James has done us the favour of letting us peek inside the conversation:

hard sell 1

The first rule of the patented Newspaper Club Always Be Selling Process (TM) – Positivity and Pith! There are two words here and they’re both positive. This is textbook.

hard sell 2

I don’t believe this bit of the conversation actually happened, a Top-Class Sales Person (TM) wouldn’t use a word like hindsight because it fails two rules of Hard Sales Language – No Soft Vowels and No Long Words. Anyway.

hard sell 3

And here’s The Close. Observe the Textbook use of monosyllabic words and strict adherence to ABCIFTK principles (Always Be Coming In For The Kill).

This is how a start-up gets started-up. Sales. Hard-nosed, hard-faced, leave-nothing-on-the-table, get-your-tanks-on-their-lawn salespersonship. Let’s not forget that.

Seriously though. Big thanks to all the folksy folk. This is a lovely project, we’re very glad to help. More pictures will follow shortly.

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  1. Wed, 2 Dec 2009 at 3:00 pm
    jamesb Permalink

    you’re right, you didn’t say hindsight, I padded that bit out. You went straight to The Close and I went to get the chips whilst you did a celebratory shuffle in the kitchen.

  2. Thu, 10 Dec 2009 at 8:10 pm
    Catherine Permalink

    I think maybe I went to the same sales training school you did! Work in media sales perchance?! Very funny. Lovely business idea this – bespoke newspapers, gorgeous. And nice to see you working with Folksy.
    I assume you’ll be observing eco-friendly operations?
    Not that I should assume – makes an ass out of u and me, as we used to say in sales training…

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  4. Mon, 14 Dec 2009 at 4:45 pm
    ed whymandesign Permalink

    Keep up the great work. Posted the comment a while back and thought you could collaborate with the contacts below?…

    Just saw this which may be of interest?

    Would love to help Newspaper Club grow as a CIC or Not For Profit:)

    Just Tweeted this FYI

    @knowhownonprof @4ip @newspaperclub @newspepper @sweeble @SueGreenwood

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