All Donations Gratefully Received

You’ll be pleased to know that after our Investor Crisis midweek our shiny new Skype headsets arrived yesterday. They’re very nice and they came in a clever little postbox friendly cardboard box.

Free Skype headset from Skype's Twitterer in chief

This morning I thought I’d try Skyping the rest of the team.

Trying to Skype Sales & Marketing

I tried Engineering first. No answer. I don’t think they were awake yet.

Trying to Skype Engineering

I tried Sales & Marketing next. No answer. I think they’d gone out for breakfast. They often do that.

Anyway, the headsets are splendid and this has got us wondering if anyone else would like to donate to a teeny start up. We’re particularly after some Aeron chairs right now.

In other news, we’re printed some more newspapers which I’ll blog about later and we’re fine tuning the design of key pages. We’re also getting ready for a very quiet, very private, very Beta launch next week. We’re going to test the site on a handful of people and if that goes well we’ll release the Beta to rest of the 2,000 people currently on our signup list.

(I’m not sure if “release the Beta” is recognised terminology. I was going to ask Engineering but they weren’t awake.)

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