Various Updates

We had a Status Meeting this morning.

Help Guide In Progress

Everything is going well. All on target. Engineering ensure us a beta launch is “geologically imminent”.

Help Guide In Progress

We also had to fill in an Investor Status Report which made us realise we’re only £500 away from reaching 50% of our revenue target. That’s got to be good, especially pre-launch. Pre-lunch in fact, as Engineering have just popped out for a sandwich.

Matt is also doing a splendid job on the Guide To Newspaper Club he’s putting together. Today he presented us a glorious flat plan. On a flip chart.

Help Guide In Progress

Made a nice change from all the PowerPoint Sales and Marketing put us through.

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  1. Fri, 30 Oct 2009 at 1:19 pm
    Richard Holloway Permalink

    Can you give any indication of expected pricing for the different formats?

  2. [...] last week’s status meeting I presented the flat-plan flip-chart to an attentive Newspaper Club, who had initially been pretty amused by the amount of elbow grease [...]

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