“We will let you fail”

(A quick introduction: In the run up to launch Matthew will be in Newspaper Towers playing with the interaction and language of our guide. When he’s finished it should answer all of the questions you have before you put together your own publication – and if it doesn’t then that’s his fault. He’ll also be doing a few behind the scenes blog entries, kind of like our own embedded reporter. So, without further ado, over to Matthew…)

It’s worth restating that for all of the brilliant and compelling reasons there are for making a newspaper, they don’t amount to much without content. Well-designed layouts are quite forgiving of white space, but 12 blank pages is a threat for people familiar with printing, let alone newcomers: yesterday’s staus meeting made it clear that even large organisations are having trouble ‘getting those final two pages in place’.


(Of course, in time this may be another thing the Bespoke Service will be able to help with: “Throw enough money at us and we’ll print on gold.”)

Something I need to emphasise in the guide is the fact that preparation of content is essential. Really. Part of the fun of the system is being able to play with how your copy looks on the page. If you think you’ll want to print a newspaper around the launch then go away now and start gathering words and pictures. I mean it: Now. It’s better to have to leave things out than abandon a half full draft.

In other news, the success of the Postcode Paper prompted Sales and Marketing to secure motivational literature for the team:

Motivational literature

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