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You may have noticed we’ve slightly changed the Newspaper Club logo. The previous one used a temporary paperboy graphic whilst we worked behind the scenes to create a bespoke one.

Newspaper Club logo

I’d like to tell you about the thinking behind the logo and show you some of the versions that didn’t make the cut. Other start ups don’t give you that level of transparency, do they?

When you think of newspapers you probably think of that ‘funny marmalade’ font. And you’d be right. That font you’re thinking of visually equals newspaper, so I elected to use that. Simple. I’m a huge fan of not over complicating design, as my old boss used to say, “you might say clich√©, I might say crystal clear communication”.

Engineering made me upload this

Most of the typography that would pass as crystal clear communication for a newspaper masthead is based on the font Blackletter. Blackletter has it’s uses, but on screen is not one of them. In fact, it’s more Duchy Originals than Daily Oregonian as over an incredible 1,000 years Blackletter has undergone many cuts and derivatives and most broadsheet newspapers today use stylised versions. Or typefaces based on a gothic Blackletteresque font, more accurately.

Engineering made me upload this

I needed a version that said ‘newspaper’ as instantly as Blackletter but worked well on screen.

one day

Back in June (on day one in fact) I looked at several versions and settled on Brauhaus . It has been simplified and is therefore better for online use yet it still retains the newspaper feel I was after. To make the letters more distinctive I opted to change the N and the C for slightly tweaked versions of the Blackletter N and C.

Engineering made me upload this

That’s the word marque sorted but for a modern start up you need an icon for all those pesky 32×32 square icons you have to create. And that’s where the paperboy came in.

The original inspiration was the Paperboy Atari game from the 1984. That’s a sort of digital newspaper joke for people of a certain age.

Engineering made me upload this

A little character would be handy for all those icons and also for guiding you through the newspaper making process. It feels right for Newspaper Club as we’re a friendly tool for people and communities not a secretive, hard edged, spiky tech dot com.

Engineering made me upload this

We used this chap for a while, but it was just a place holder. We wanted our own, so we tasked the amazing Rexbox with creating one for us. Rex has worked on all sorts of cool stuff including co-creating LittleBigPlanet and stuff for Disney and MTV.

Here he is. The paperboy, not Rex.

Paper Boy

The result is a modern, friendly logo whilst hinting at the visual history of the newspaper masthead.  We hope you like it.

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  1. Thu, 15 Oct 2009 at 10:02 am
    Ian Hallworth Permalink

    As a former newspaper boy in the North of England, I don’t remember skipping around looking so bloody chirpy :0

    I appreciate your candidness. The font is great. The icon is cute, but the lad strikes me as very American – it’s the hat. And the colouring. And the freckles.
    Is that what you intended?

    Aren’t the brits a little more quirky? What’s your kid’s name? He needs one – he’s your mascot. If we isolated him from the logotype, does he represent Newspaper club’s values?

    If you’ve gone the retro route then maybe the chap should hark back to more innocent times – the lad in the Hovis ads or maybe Peter from the Peter and Jane books.

    I could go on, but I’m sure you’ve got other things to worry about…

  2. Thu, 15 Oct 2009 at 2:25 pm
    Alan Formby-Jackson Permalink

    I’d argue it’s an American papergirl and not a boy.

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