The WIRED Intelligence Briefing

This morning Wired held an event at the Royal Institution in London. You know, where they do the Christmas Lectures.

"Cheaper than Davos"

As people were leaving they were given a copy of The Wired Intelligence Briefing which was printed via Newspaper Club.

The WIRED Intelligence Briefing

The paper contained the greatest hits of Wired UK’s first 6 months and well as some forthcoming and exclusive content.

The WIRED Intelligence Briefing

It’s constantly intriguing to us to see what people do with the format. Here’s a magazine reformed as a newspaper. The designers were particularly pleased to send something to print on Tuesday night and receive delivery on Wednesday, that doesn’t happen with magazines.

The WIRED Intelligence Briefing

It’s also becoming clear that there are 3 distinct avenues for Newspaper Club. We have discussed this before, but it’s worth repeating.

a) You create and print your own newspaper. This will launch in Januaryish.

b) You can send us artwork files and we can print you a newspaper. Liked Wired just did, or like Book Club Boutique did.

c) You can commission us to design and print a bespoke newspaper for you. Like the BBC and Penguin did.


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  1. Thu, 1 Oct 2009 at 4:04 pm
    Caroline Permalink

    I was just wondering who you hope your customer base will include? Since I will (economics permitting) be using your service, and since I am not a designer I expect I will annoy the pants off you being the dumbass customer from hell. I havn’t even produced a newslettter on my PC. But I have handwritten and illustrated many books and flyers and articles etc but that doesn’t make me able to create a newspaper which YOU would find particularly pleasing (I expect). What I’m getting at is, will you have an idiots guide to using your service for people like me? or will you try and avoid having to deal with such people by not including one?!!!

    Thanks, and still really excited by this venture.

  2. Tue, 6 Oct 2009 at 6:04 pm
    Loop Permalink

    Could you please clarify the differences between a) and b)?

    Do you mean something along the lines of:

    a) We provide the content and the layout, produce it as a .pdf and send it to you for printing.

    b) We provide the raw content (jpegs, text documents etc.), you provide the service of arranging the layout and then you print?

  3. [...] week the team produced a quick turnaround of Wired UK – changing the magazine into a newspaper format [...]

  4. [...] week the team produced a quick turnaround of Wired UK – changing the magazine into a newspaper format [...]

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