Day 41 – Closed for August


When we signed up for this merry ride we agreed that we’d have something built in 60 working days from commencement. However, we also stipulated that there are no working days in August. We’re off on our holidays.

I’ve always thought that the joy of being a small island floating between Europe and the US means you can select the best from two great business cultures, and while we’re happy to embrace the early-rising and grande-lattes of our North American friends we should also honour our European heritage and bugger off for the summer.

There used to be an idea that you could evaluate the commitment and energy of a company by checking out how full the car park was on a Sunday. We’d fail that test. We’re more about this, than this. But nevertheless we’re managing to get somewhere.

There therefore won’t be a lot of activity here, just a couple of catch-up posts from Ben about some prototypes we (and other people) have made.

When we’re back in September we’ll start getting beta invites to people and have more news of progress, speaking engagements and promotional mousepads.

Have a good summer. Bye.

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