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Update: Please note that this is no longer a service we provide.

One component of Newspaper Club is a service where we’ll create a bespoke newspaper. Offline. Especially for you.

We’ve just delivered such a project for the BBC.


It’s a collection of essays which came out of 8 studies commissioned as part of the AHRC/BBC Knowledge Exchange Programme. The paper contains articles by Bill Thompson, Katherine Corrick and Pat Kane among others. Brendan from the BBC talks more about the project here.

I’m particularly fond of the cover. Looked great on the press.


We’re also working on an exciting one for Penguin, which we’ll be able to talk about soon.

This part of Newspaper Club is aimed at corporations, companies, firms, who require more control than the online version gives you. Like a traditional graphic design service. We’re still looking to explore different things you can do with newspapers and to make the best use of the format.

If you’d like to find out more about bespoke newspapers give Ben a call on 07966 282 286 or drop him a line at


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  1. […] for their bespoke service (in its Beta phase) have included the BBC and Penguin, but the excitement lies ahead. Signed-up users can print a run of between one and 5000 […]

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