Day 20 – One Third Of The Way


It’s Friday afternoon. Ben and I are in our respective homes watching the tennis and Tom’s at London Fields Lido enjoying cakes (according to twitter anyway). We have family-friendly working policies here at Newspaper Club.

It feels like it’s been a long old week but I’m not sure if we can point at much specific achievement (he said in an hilariously frank manner).

Here’s what’s happened:

Ben and I have mostly been in meetings, which never feels like work, but is necessary and carves out opportunities for more achievement later on.

Day 17 - Art Dept. Win At Status

The paper we made for the BBC hit the streets. Full marks to the Art Department on that one. It looks lovely. And it’s a good read too. And it represents actual revenue. Hurrah! Consequently the Art Dept Won At Status.

Tom continues to nudge the Engineering forward and we started actual user testing yesterday. Admittedly the user was me, but since I never listen to anything Ben or Tom say I’m just like a regular person coming to the site with no pre-conceptions. So far it all works perfectly, until it breaks, at which point Tom fixes it and we start again. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right?

And we had a little flurry of publicity which has been exciting. News was beginning to leak out, unsurprisingly since we’ve been blogging, twittering, mentioned at conferences, linked to by nice people and generally Not-In-Any-Way-Secret. So Dan at 4ip decided to tell people about their investment and we got a very nice write-up on TechCrunch Europe.

Now, pleasingly, we’re getting a few press enquiries and people wanting to know more. Which is great. Except we haven’t really got more to say. We’re working on everything – engineering, business models, community, design, vacation policy – and we have lots of ideas, but until we’ve actually made something we don’t want to be raising (or lowering) any expectations. We just want to get on with it. So we’ll be reporting progress on here, but we won’t be doing more than that.

Hope that’s OK. Now, if you’re still at work, get outside in the sunshine. (If there’s sunshine, and you want to go out in it.)

PS – And 4ip paid us some actual money. In the back account and everything. Splendid.

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