End of Week 3 – Engineering Report

Honestly, the engineering bit of this project slightly terrified me before we started.

Most of the time when I’ve worked on web projects they’ve been comfortable. The tech is well known, if not by me, then by others I can draw upon. There’s lots of documentation and forums posts about that sort of stuff, and the unknowns are known.

But this is a bit different. Gluing together tools that weren’t designed for this into something that is robust and usable is always tricky. There are quite a lot of unknown unknowns.

That said, we’ve made some good progress. We’ve done the hard bit. One can add stories and pictures to a bucket of content for your newspaper, and then lay them out into spaces in a few different templates. Just the three at the moment, but once we’ve done a bit more design work, we’ll have more.

Newspaper Club | Helping people to make their own newspapers

It feels newspaper like. We’ve got baseline grids, hyphenation, fully justified text and all that.

newspaper-1.pdf (page 2 of 5)

And I’m less scared now. I can begin to hold the project in my head, and think beyond the engineering, into something that’s usable by the folk that we’d like to use Newspaper Club.

And I reckon that’s pretty good progress for week three.

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