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day 12

We had proper meetings today. With disagreements and raised voices and everything. In a mild way. And we’ve drawn a calendar with milestones on it. Blimey.

Things we’ve realised…

The human stuff is probably going to be harder than the computer stuff. Wrangling printers is going to be tricky. Though, excitingly Ben has meetings with printers next week. So; fingers crossed.

Things we’ve decided…

We think we’re going to limit the formats for the first product out the door. No variation in number of pages or anything like that. That’ll make life easier for us, and it’ll be easier for people to understand costs and logistics and all that.

We’re going to try and force a live paper through the system in two weeks, to see what we’ve missed.

Things to be done for next week…

Site design elements including warning signs, ticks, crosses and question marks.

Invite some contributions/tagging from people for the trial run.

More technical gubbins from Tom.

Get something more officially beta-y here.

Oh, and we’ve updated the graphics on the twitter page.

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