Week Two – more mock-up than start-up

day 8

It’s Friday morning. Day 10. Fifty days to go. Time for another update.

1. Engineering…

…have got XML flowing into InDesign and PDFs coming out. This is a triumph.

2. Art Department…

…made a logo. This too is a triumph. Though we need a new clip-art paperboy in the middle. Thinking about commissioning one. And we’ve produced a prototype that can be run through an ordinary printer.

3. Sales & Marketing…

…have had countless innovative and bold ideas, the genius of which the other departments aren’t equipped to appreciate. The best of which is to actually run a newspaper club – people join, pay us a subscription, vote on articles via Delicious – get a newspaper. So simple, yet so good.

This week’s realisation: We’re good at making things, but we’re even better at looking like we’re making things.

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  1. [...] Club from get go. Even though I cringe when I look at the early prototypes of ARTHR, or the first version of the logo, it reminds me just how far we’ve come (and, gulp, just how much we haven’t done yet [...]

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